Cat reportedly carried drugs into prison


Never underestimate the ingenuity of a convict . . .

Cat reportedly carried drugs into prison

Our subject video tells us about a few cats that frequent their local prisons. Yes, I am talking about feral felines not humans. Well, it seems these felines had some human friends inside the prison walls that encouraged the cats to do unlawful deeds that ran them afoul the law. Apparently, the convicts trained the critters to be their “mule” carrying in much desired drugs and escape tools.

I have a lot of time behind the walls. And I tell you, never underestimate the ingenuity of a convict. They have nothing but time to find a way to beat the system. Keep in mind, there are some very bright, and even highly educated people in prison. You take a good creative mind, mix it with a bunch of crafty hands, and give it a short while . . . They will come up with something that does the trick the want done. If you consider that they will do so without benefit of conventional tools and hardware, you will see the ingenuity these men and women have.

The ridiculous part is that inmates by legal action have most prison staff too busy doing things to maintain the legal requirements to house an inmate, to actually take the time to observe what the inmates are up to. Catching a cat carrying stuff in and out of a prison in some of the older prisons can be quite difficult usually caught by a “stumble upon” more than by investigation.

The gangs can be very complex in their activities leaving prison staff to have to rely on cell and body searches to collect data relevant to the gangs activities. Things like coded outgoing mail, kites on fish lines, and coded verbal communications take time to learn and/or decipher even for the most skilled of prison staff . . .

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