Z-40 Is a Product of the American Drug War: You’re Welcome, Mexico | VICE United States


Every politician during the past 40 years should be prosecuted for numerous conspiracy crimes . . .

Z-40 Is a Product of the American Drug War: You’re Welcome, Mexico | VICE United States

Our subject story discusses the Mexican Drug Cartel Assassin, Z-40. There is a lot of good information that you can read in the subject story by following the link above.  The reason I am discussing this topic is because I agree that the U.S. “War on Drugs” is responsible for Z-40 being what he is today. I also believe that the United States has been negligent in allowing the War on Drugs continue as long as it has.

When I was a little boy somebody told me that if you try something once and it doesn’t work, try again. If it hasn’t provided the desired result by three attempts, find a different way. Well, our Politicians have tried the War on Drugs about 40 times with no positive result and still they persist as though it might work next time.

All the War on Drugs has succeeded in doing is the creation of numerous criminal empires, thousands and thousands of deaths, ruined thousands upon thousands of bright promising young people’s lives, and wasted more tax dollars than any other expenditure of the Government forty years in a row. This is “negligence” no matter how you look at it. Our Politicians have conspired to allow the preceding acts to occur, over and over again.  rather than try a different approach to a serious problem. Why?

Tell me one valid reason for our Politicians to continue allowing the same result year after year. Do you realize that we have literally created Mexican Drug Lords that are “Millionaires’” with a product they have marketed and sold in this Country completely Tax Free?

Close to thirty years ago when I was just a kid pinning on my first badge, a Criminal Justice Instructor told the class, “You will never solve the drug problem so long as criminals control the drugs.”

I, of course, failed to understand what he meant until about twenty years later. The only way to stop the major drug issues, is elimination of “prohibition” and our Government regulate sales and distribution of drugs. Do you think prohibition will ever stop drug usage in America? Legalization will immediately stop the money going to the Cartel’s, immediately stop the killings, the unnecessary prosecutions and incarcerations. What has been treated as a “criminal” problem would become a “medical” issue, tax dollars wasted would become tax dollars saved, and tax revenues never before collected would become tax revenues collected.

There are likely over 100,000 people killed over the past 10 or 20 years that we, the United States is responsible for and so much money wasted that if we spent it towards the National Debt, we could put a dent in it. Legalization of drugs will not cause everyone to become a “doper.”  America is to busy being addicted to “material things” for that ever to happen.

What would happen is an immediate growth in jobs and a lot of tax revenue that would put this Country back to being something more than “broke” and people would again be able to look forward to achieving the “American Dream” instead of barely making a living and struggling to survive payday to payday. 

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