If You Could Have One Wish Granted For One Day? ( Updated 11-3-13)

If you could have one wish granted for one day, what would you wish for? Seriously, let your imagination run wild for a minute. I used to think that I would wish for some freaky sexual thing. Or maybe, lots of money. Maybe a new car, boat, plane, or other. But, I have gotten older now. Rigor mortis hasn’t yet, but I suffer from periodic bouts of mental  . . . Crap! What was I talking about? Oh!

What I would truly like is to be able to turn the clock back to when I was a young man about 25 years old. Back then, I had the world before me. All the unknowns, the mystery, the challenges, and the discovery of everything new and exciting. Actually, I had the world by the tail and was having the time of my life. A lot of years have passed since then. And, the years  have not been gentle to me. The regrets I swore I would never have, are most what I have. To be frank, I am not happy with the way my life has turned out. I am not pleased with many of the choices I have made or the path my life has taken.  But, although I would love to experience my life again at 25, I really am not that greedy.

I always wanted my life to mean something. If not to everyone else, at least to myself. So, if I had one wish that could be granted for a single day, it would have to be something I could give away to someone that would appreciate it. Believe it or not, world peace just does not do it for me. As far as I am concerned, if the rest of the world wants to kill each other, let them have at it. I do however think it would be nice if President Obama would call me so I could give my opinion of the “middle-east” and get his cooperation in getting the U.S. out of that entire region immediately. But, I don’t think I’ll ever receive such a phone call.

I could wish that my passing kidney stones and my enlarged prostate would not make me fear “prostate cancer” so damn much. At my age it really just scares the hell out of me. But, that  again would be selfish of me. I am also a “smoker” which leaves other major health concerns for me to worry about. I could consider a wish for my own health being excellent. But given my libido, I would probably get killed by one of the women in my life. Okay, so I was just making jest there . . .

Have you given my question regarding a wish for a day any thought? Anybody have any good ideas? I have an idea what I would wish for, but I’ll have to work it through my mind for a bit. In the interim, I have a great idea . . .

If you all do not mind . . . can I get a little audience participation? Tell us what your wish would be. Seriously. Take a few minutes and add a comment to this post telling us what you would wish for and if not to personal, why?  I do not have too much of a readership, but there are a few that appear to read my blog on a regular basis. So, c’mon tell us about it . . .

(Update 11-3-13)

I certainly would have hoped fro at least a little participation with this posting, but it will be okay regardless. If I were to be granted a wish for one single day, I would wish that the children of the world could have a day of no harm from anyone or anything. A day where they felt love and had no reason for fear . . .

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