Dying teen covers Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ – CNN.com


This just breaks my heart . . .

Dying teen covers Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ – CNN.com

Our subject video tells us of a little 16 year old girl that is doing her best to comfort her friends and family as she nears her own death. A while back the girl recorded her rendition of “Roar” by Katy Perry to help her friends cope with her demise. The video went viral and was even seen by Katy Perry herself who sent a response of encouragement back to the young lady in a video.

The life and/or death of this child is not the reason I bring this story to your attention. It is the courage of the child that I hope you will see. Many of us, young and old would not be as courageous as this young lady were we told we were going to die and nothing could be done about it. Certainly, few of us would even take the idea of doing anything for anybody to heart. I would have expected anger, hostility, and resentment out of the young lady.

My thoughts and prayers go with you Olivia. I believe even after your death, you will continue to roar in the hearts of many, many people that have heard of your story . . .

BELOW: Olivia WIse sings “ROAR” by Katy Perry


I’ll never understand why someone so young and beautiful has to die when their spirit and heart is so strong. My condolences to this young lady’s family and friends. The world may have never met your daughter and your friend, but we all share her love. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to hear her story.

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