Report: NSA among worst offenders of mass surveillance, Snowden says –


Snowden is no hero . . .

Report: NSA among worst offenders of mass surveillance, Snowden says –

Our subject story discusses the actions of Mr. Edward Snowden, “whistleblower” to the data gathering practices of the NSA . . .

I have a problem with the Snowden issue, okay a few problems

  • A “whistleblower” is a person employed by a company/agency that in the course of their duties observes wrongs being committed and brings them to the attention of others when the issue is not resolved within. This is not Snowden. He intentionally secured employment with an NSA Contractor with the intent to obtain secret information to divulge to others outside of the U.S. Security Complex.
  • Do you think Snowden just woke up one day and decided that he was going to infiltrate the NSA for unlawful purpose? Do you think he planned and executed this entirely on his own? I do not believe so, thus there is still likely a conspiracy afoot yet to be discovered.
  • If Snowden’s actions were to discover and make known NSA practices of data collection on U.S. citizens, why did he steal documents that went to places not relevant to U.S. soil activities?
  • Snowden appears to believe that his disclosures of information to foreign governments is going to stop their spy games on our soil. It will not stop. Actually, Snowden has crippled our spy games against others allowing the others an upper hand. Most troubling is that it has effected our ability to track and head off terrorist organizations both in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Snowden sought to seek the NSA conduct themselves within the law, limiting the data collection of U.S. citizens, but sought refuge within foreign countries that likely have him so well monitored that they listen to his farts and will hear or see every sex act he ever participates in.
  • Snowden told us  that the NSA is collecting data on us all. So does Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and every marketing research organization in the world. Do you think you can call Russia, Germany, China, or any other country without them listening or recording your conversation? Even friendly countries monitor such communications. We are trying to stop the NSA from such activity while allowing it to continue by our friendly and adversary nations.
  • People in this Country seem to believe Snowden a “hero” that has done a good thing by his actions. But, as our security complex falls and the doors open to those that mean to do us harm, will Snowden still be considered such a hero.
  • Snowden could have disclosed the NSA data collection practices on U.S. citizens and stayed to answer for his actions and probably had the support of every American world-wide, but chose to run to foreign soil and disclose information of a secret nature to them, why?

I am sorry folks, but Snowden has never been the “hero” some would like you to believe. He became a “traitor” the moment he chose to infiltrate the NSA. Nothing he has done since that time has been done to benefit the American people. He has disclosed information of  a secret nature to adversary governments placing our government in a very poor position not because we spy, but because we have a traitor that tells that we spy. Snowden still has a collection of documents considered “secret” by our government. Snowden’s failure to return all of the documents to the NSA and his attempts to seek the favor of foreign governments by their disclosure is demonstration of continued unlawful acts against this country.

Yep, sorry folks . . . Snowden wears the suit of a traitor and he needs to be treated accordingly.

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