Cool new device may end police pursuits | Entertainment – WDSU Home


Are you ready for this . . .

Cool new device may end police pursuits | Entertainment – WDSU Home

You simply have got to embrace technology. Our subject story tells us about a new method of putting a stop to police pursuits. In Utah one cop car is equipped with a cannon that the cops fire at your car and then they back off the pursuit and track your law violating butt without endangering others.

What a “cool” idea. The only problem being once the technology is known how will the bad guys counter it? I just had a “mental” of a cop car rushing up and shooting a fleeing car full of gangsters with the “tracker” dart and some youngster jumping out of the car at a red light pulling the dart off and affixing it to an old couples car going in a differing direction.

Wouldn’t it be easier and safer to fire a dart at the vehicle that shorted out the vehicle alternator causing the vehicle to stall and they quit their running? Wait, would that work? Somebody call R & D, let’s see if I can get rich with this idea! The “car-tazer,” what a name . . .

All joking aside, this device discussed in our subject story has some definite possibilities as an excellent method of reducing pursuit related accidents that usually involve innocent bystanders. The most significant issue I see is if the suspect vehicle doesn’t slow after the police back off. But even if the criminals do not back off a bit, at least the cops won’t be killing or injuring others uninvolved in the pursuit. It’s an idea whose time may have come . . .

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