Stop and frisk caught on tape


How can anyone not see this as illegal and offensive?

Stop and frisk caught on tape

Welcome to the Police State! This is far too important to ignore. Those of you that think the NSA issue such a major concern need to look at this. What the NSA is doing is trying to track terrorists while we lose a little privacy. What these folks are doing is not just an invasion to our privacy but a complete disregard for our civil rights.

Our subject story discusses the “Stop & Frisk” acts of the NYC Police Department and provides a recording of one such event. You need to listen to this recording and visualize the event as it occurs. Keep in mind, you do not have to be suspect of any wrong-doing at all. You merely have to be on the street.  Officer conduct has a lot to do with my opinion of this interaction. You will have to listen to the recording to understand what I refer to.

There are two major considerations involved here. The crime rate vs. civil rights is what this is all about. Haas the community deteriorated to such a poor level that the disregard of people’s civil rights is necessary to protect the community? Welcome to a Police State. We are talking about being stopped and physically searched without “probable cause” at the discretion of a Police Officer. We are also talking about a significant racial implications due to the neighborhood these searches are taking place.

I would be most interested in the types of offenses discovered by this “stop & frisk” search method. Are the Police finding weapons, drugs, stolen property, or whatever else? And, what percentage of people subjected to this are discovered to be in violation of the law? I mean if only 10 percent are discovered in violation, 10 percent of all government personnel are probably violators of the same offenses, are we subjecting them to the same invasion of privacy and disregard for their civil rights?

The next thing I find of serious concern is Officer conduct. If you listen to the recorded conversation between the officers and the person being searched,  the officer’s conduct should get them removed from duty. At no time during the verbal interaction was it necessary to threaten the citizen. Although he asked questions and feigned misunderstanding, it did not sound as though he was resisting, and the failure of the officers to advise him why he was being searched or for that matter even advising him that they were going to search him is negligent. And, threatening to harm the person was bullshit! If you cannot do your job as a Policemen without threatening people, get your punk ass out from behind the badge.

In all seriousness, if that neighborhood has become that dangerous that Law Enforcement has to violate civil rights to protect the public, it is time to force relocation of all that live there, bulldoze the area, and  rebuild a new neighborhood. A person should not have to fear those living in the neighborhood and the Police too.

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