Kids behaving badly: When old rules of discipline no longer apply –


This is the ignorance of my generation . .  .

Kids behaving badly: When old rules of discipline no longer apply –

This is what is wrong with today’s children. And, it was caused by my generation over 25 years ago . . .

The subject story discusses children with bad behavior and corrective measures. And, the entire article is BULLSHIT! My generation started this crap over 25 years ago with our “nobody will ever spank my children” bullshit. The end result is our schools are so disruptive that Teacher’s cannot teach and today’s children respect nobody at all.

Now, we have a Government that won’t let us spank our children and takes them from us when they become to difficult to manage. And, white people are the one suffering this issue the most. You know why? Because minority people are smarter than us. Black, Hispanic, and Asian people do not hesitate to whip their child’s ass and make their children tow the line. But us whites, we let the little shit’s roam the world unattended as though they need to find their own way.

Then when our children do wrong, rather than recognize our child in the wrong we defend them as though they did nothing. My generation caused this. We were all so frigging bright. We knew better than our parents. We were going to change the world. Well, we did! Look around you today. Young from 25 years and younger are lazy, disrespectful, and think the world owes them everything.

My advice to the parent of today, SPANK the little brats until they learn right from wrong. Teach them that certain conduct is not appropriate. Make them dress properly, listen when spoken to, shut up and learn in school. But most of all, teach them respect for others. I’ll say it again . . . This is the fault of my generation!

All of you folks that have never raised a child, STFU! You do not know anything about kids. You know what we wrote in books, and we were wrong! SPANK YOUR CHILDREN WHEN THEY MISBEHAVE!  It is not child abuse if the end result is a adult that functions properly in society when they reach adult age.

Spanking is corrective action. It is not abuse unless it is taken to a serious beating. The problem with children today is they have nothing to fear. Nobody can do anything to them when they do wrong. And, they flaunt it in everyone’s faces like they are untouchable. Until they end up dead because they haven’t learned anything more than how to be disrespectful to everyone.

Spank your children. Make them learn that you will not tolerate their failure to be good responsible people when they grow up. Teach them how to show respect for other’s and property. And, spank them, spank them, spank them.

I apologize for this damage created by my generation. And, no. I am not as smart as my parents were . . .

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