Lawsuit: Man forced to undergo enemas, colonoscopy on invalid warrant –


The lengths some people will go for drugs . . .

Lawsuit: Man forced to undergo enemas, colonoscopy on invalid warrant –

I am not just talking about the drug user in this situation.  Our subject story tells us about a cop that has gone to great lengths to make a “drug user” rich enough to never have to work another day in his life, and be able to support his drug habit with ease. You will actually have to read the subject story to get the gist of what I mean. But, I will try to explain it anyway.

Our subject story tells us about one cop that tells another cop to search a known drug use suspect. Well, the cop does and comes up empty. So, the cop has the suspect brought to a nearby medical facility where the suspect has his rights violated repeatedly by both the police and the doctor to such extreme it is disturbing. But, it gets even better . . . After all was said and done the suspect was clean. No dope, no paraphernalia, no weapons, and no charges.

Why are our Politicians not listening to the American Public? Do they not hear that we have had enough of their stupidity and abuses relative to drugs. This “doper” is “RICH, Rich, Rich” now. Well not quite yet, but when his case goes to Court. Why, because the Court is going to award him large sums of money because some idiot decided that his badge allowed him to violate a persons civil rights repeatedly. Such is not the case and the cops involved need to have their badges taken.

More and more, modern day Law Enforcement is finding it acceptable to violate peoples “rights” believing the American Citizen is just going to accept it as though the violation is just part of life. Sorry folks, most these types of violations happen to the lower income citizens and although many will not pursue making such a Court case, many others will not hesitate to stand up for their rights and seek their day in Court over such Officer misconduct.

When we stand by and allow blatant disregard  for our Civil Rights to become common place, freedom in America as we know it will have ended. One thing my generation was very involved in was our Civil Rights, and it was one of the things we did that did make a difference. Present day generations do not even know their Civil Rights, what they mean, or the importance of their loss and/or abuse. But I am confident, the American Citizen will not take much more of such misconduct by Law Enforcement. Between female body searches aside the highway, to the “Stop & Search” abuses in New York, to the abuse this suspect had to deal with, more and more Law Enforcement is appearing less than appealing to the average citizen. The Country is finding it harder and harder to support their local Sheriff when their local sheriff is violating the laws he is supposed to uphold.

And, some of us wonder how much litigation costs a City can afford before pushing the City in the red financially. Law Enforcement today is trained better than any other time in history. Every cop is trained extensively regarding our “civil rights,” so why do cops find it so easy to violate someone’s rights?  

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