Louisiana kidnap victim’s cousin kicks down door, shoots abductor – CNN.com


Sometimes . . .

Louisiana kidnap victim’s cousin kicks down door, shoots abductor – CNN.com

Have you ever heard the term, “Do Not Mess With Family?” Our subject story tells us of a gal that gets kidnapped by a gent that had fathered a child with her but had “Restraining Order”  against him to keep him away from the woman. I guess he chose not to obey the restraining order and kidnapped the woman.

After a police search of the area for the kidnapper and his victim failed the family chose to create their own “Search Party” and the woman’s cousin happened to find the hide-a-way just in time to shoot the kidnapper while he was stabbing the victim. The victim will survive and the cousin will not face charges in the death of the kidnapper.

It surprises me that there is not far more situations in which family comes to family’s aid. And, I wonder why not? Once in a while you will see a movie that shows family defending family, but it is usually the bad guys supporting each other. I cannot recall of many that demonstrate the good side of family supporting family. Maybe a family supporting family in which all the good guys have guns is not politically correct enough for producers to make.

Wait a minute, I may be wrong. Old “westerns” or “cowboy” movies showed such a lot. I can remember the “John Wayne” and a few other stars like “Audie Murphy” played such roles numerous times. I think “Bruce Lee” did so also. Perhaps I am wrong, but it does seem as though I have not seen much recently.

I wonder what it would be like to be in a family that teamed up to fight off their aggressors. In today’s society, we are used to being told to let the Police handle such situations. I think the lack of family remaining family has a lot to do with the loss of family support of one another. I mean, you are part of a family  then the family breaks up by divorce or other cause. The father is no longer the man of the house, that responsibility given to another. Fathers are supposed to be the one that shares their child’s first bike ride, first day of school, first date, and so no and so forth.

Life Sucks! I guess you can tell I have a problem with this . . . 

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