Veterans share one thing they want you to know about military service –


It is good to see this Country support its Military again . . .

Veterans share one thing they want you to know about military service –

Our subject story tells us about our Military and their families commitment to us. What it does not speak enough about is how wonderful it is that we support our Military once again.

If you have not yet figured it out, I am a Viet Nam Vet. My tour of duty was one of the best learning experiences in my life.  It took me from a teenager to adult in the time it took to complete Basic Training (Boot Camp) and showed me the world from the deck of a couple of Navy Ships. But myself. and the thousands of people that served during the Viet Nam Police Action missed out on the most important thing that was needed in our lives when we returned home. We missed  out on the support of our Country.

The Viet Nam Police Action was rife with political controversy, most of America opposed to the U.S. Military being involved in the conflict. Instead of being greeted by a public that considered us hero’s upon our return, we were greeted by angry and insulting people that had no idea what we did, or if we did anything of value while overseas.

I have always held my head high about my military service. I am proud to have served. And, I know we did the job we were sent to do, regardless public opinion. But, I remember the troops that I returned with and the pain they felt by the treatment they received by the public here in the U.S. and how their return was more harmful than the injuries received from the enemy. Our Country really shit on us. Men that should have been able to wear their uniform with pride, wore civilian clothes and tried to hide. It was a very trying time for America and her Military.

It is such a good thing to see the public support of our Military today. I watch the news and see how our troops are greeted with love and pride upon their return home. I see the videos of Military men and women returning home to surprise family members at schools, sporting events, and at their places of employment. And, in all of these I see a public that supports our Military once again.

Thank You America . . .

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