5 High-denomination Bills Not Being Printed | Bankrate.com


Okay folks, I am going to give you some good information . . .

5 High-denomination Bills Not Being Printed | Bankrate.com

The subject story and slide show tell us about some paper money that was “in print” and is no longer.

But, the story brought to mind something you folks may not know about and just in time for Christmas!

the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is a government agency that handles the job of money for the United States. They also print a variety of other interesting items. Most people, even some “Coin Collectors” are unaware that you can buy money from the BEP direct.

“So what, I can get money from any bank”

“Not like this!”

“What you talkin bout?”

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has their main web site at http://moneyfactory.gov/home.html where you can learn all sorts of interesting information about money. But, their STORE will sell you money that you do not usually see trading hands on the streets or your local Starbucks.

How about this:

2013 America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin™ – Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial, Ohio (NQ6)

Or this:

United States Army Bicentennial Bronze 3" (429) Medal

Or this:

2013 American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Proof Coin (BU7)

These are just a few of the items available from the BEP. Check out their Store at http://www.moneyfactorystore.gov/ to buy Sheets of money uncut, both circulated and uncirculated currency, specialty currency sets, and more. Look closely when in their store. Make sure you look at all the different store sections because you will find things like Medals, a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. VignetteThe Declaration of Independence, and much much more. The selection of available items they carry changes periodically to provide new items as they become available. Oh, many of the items purchased from them are valuable collector items, that do have limited distribution. They will even sell you a bag of “shredded” money if you want.

All of these items are great ideas for the hard to shop for. And it is a great gift for children. While on their site, check out the educational section for kids. They have some great downloads.

Okay as for legal: I am in no way associated, affiliated, or compensated by the U.S. Government or the BEP. They do not even know I exist except through some purchases I have made as gifts to others. This article is solely informational with intent to give you a gift idea you may not have considered.

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