Lady Gaga: I was addicted to marijuana


Lady GaGa admits to being ignorant . . .

Lady Gaga: I was addicted to marijuana

Nothing pisses me off more than someone in the spotlight that says something about something she knows nothing about.

In the subject story/video Lady GaGa says she was addicted to marijuana. She goes on further to tell others that you can become addicted to marijuana. Of all the irresponsible bullshit things to do. She has far too large a following to tell people shit that is wrong. Wait till I send her a message. How STUPID can a young woman be!

LISTEN UP PEOPLE, MARIJUANA IS NOT ADDICTIVE! If you  believe you are addicted to marijuana, you suffer from psychological problems and you are using the claim of addiction as a crutch to avoid taking responsibility for your own failures/actions. This would not bother me near so much except a youngster close to me came up with the same story. “I am addicted to pot.” You are not addicted, you are an idiot, grow up and move forward with your life.

Celebrity’s, Politicians, and other people with the publics ear. Quit telling people lies and mistruths! Take the opportunity to educate yourself on a topic before you go running you fat mouth and getting our young to follow your ignorance. And, if you know not enough on a topic, STFU!

I support the legalization of drugs. Not because I support the use of drugs, because I do not. I support the legalization of drugs because I believe we as adults should have the right of choice, not the prohibition by Government that tells the people lies and fabrications. If we were an honorable society the people would be given actual facts about drug interactions instead of a history of over 40 years of lies. Legalization of drugs takes control of the drugs from criminals, stops the violence, removes the treatment of drug issues from the Courts to the Medical Providers, and creates taxation for a multi billion dollar industry at present not taxed.

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