Woman dies after vehicle drags her 3 miles down Massachusetts road – CNN.com

Can you imagine, after 58 years of your life . . .

Woman dies after vehicle drags her 3 miles down Massachusetts road – CNN.com

Our subject story/video tells us of a man that hits a pedestrian with his vehicle leaving her for dead over three miles away . . .

Can you imagine, after living 58 years of your life . . . That some 22 year old dirtball staying in a hotel illegally is going to kill you with his pick-up truck? Do you have any idea how many things have occurred to somebody 58 years old that were life threatening?

I am 56 years old. I have had at least a dozen different close calls with death, not counting my military service. Many people have such close calls and never even know it. Most people of my age have had not only the standard vehicle accidents, insect/snake bites, victims of violence, and typical trip and fall types of close calls, but also numerous natural types of close calls like severe weather, lightning strike, earthquake, and volcano. Add a few dozen close calls like falling overboard while fishing, the carnival ride that almost fell apart, or riding in a car driven by a drunk and you likely have cheated death far more times than you realize. My point being, at 58 years old you pretty much believe that you have survived most the crazy ways you might be killed expecting to make your passing by old age, or something like robbery.  Maybe, it could be tripping off the platform onto the tracks at a rail or subway station, but the likelihood quite remote.

I am not making light of this situation, nor poking fun at this poor woman’s death. Please forgive me if you think either. I am merely looking at this situation as though it were myself. Here I am 56 years of age. I have beaten death probably more than most people to live to this too damn  old to enjoy life stage. What do you think the chances are that while I am walking down the street with a friend talking, that at the same time the manager of a local hotel is going to confront a youngster for staying at the hotel without paying? Then the confronted youngster is going to flee the hotel at the right time to hit me with his pick-up truck? And, while I might have survived the impact of the vehicle, he drug my body under the vehicle for over 3 miles?

I can accept heart attack. I can accept jealous husband. I can accept being eaten by sharks in a fresh water pond with no other waterway connected. I can even accept the possibility of choking on a muffin because I took too big a bite. But Good Lord, if you were to tell me that I even had a remote chance of meeting the same fate as this poor woman I would never believe it. Please tell me that  some of us get to go peacefully in our sleep while dreaming of happiness and love in our lives, please tell me it is so.

In this case, the dirtball likely killed this woman over the rent of the hotel room which amounts to probably less than $100.00. My prayers for the woman killed in this incident and for the rest of us that we may meet our maker in a much better way.

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