Zimmerman served divorced papers in jail

Just because the evidence failed . . .

Zimmerman served divorced papers in jail

Anybody that believes George Zimmerman was not guilty of the murder of Treyvon Martin needs to look at their hero again.

The subject video tells us of George Zimmerman’s recent interaction with Law Enforcement, in which he is demonstrating his propensity for violence. I could go back to the beginning and argue Zimmerman’s guilt in the murder of Treyvon Martin, but the Court has already determined that evidence does not support that case. Prior to the killing of Treyvon Martin Zimmerman had a history of domestic violence with his wife. Since his beating the Martin case, Zimmerman has had multiple instances of domestic situations involving himself and his domestic partner. His wife had him served divorce papers while in custody and his present girl friend initiated  the call to the police that got him arrested.

If you cannot see that this is the George Zimmerman that killed Treyvon Martin, instead of the person that took the stand and  was portrayed as a “nice guy” throughout the  case, you are blind. George Zimmerman has always been and will always be a punk that beats on women and is only a “tough guy” when a gun in his hand. He is dishonest and believes himself more than he is. This is karma coming after George. And, it will not stop until it is done with him.

Anybody want to take bets that it will eventually end with George incarcerated and living the “high life” as “Bubba’s cellmate?” Either that or in a stand-off with police where he threatens suicide? I am sorry.  I should not be suggesting these things, but I truly believe he was guilty of the murder of Treyvon Martin and the Court failed to properly handle the case. Zimmerman clearly should not have firearms, never should have been issued a Concealed Weapons Permit, and should not be allowed to own or possess firearms.

Women should recognize Zimmerman for the violent loser that he is and steer clear of him. He has a history of numerous complaints of domestic violence since 2005 and has demonstrated his belief that he can manipulate the system and the truth. If you are a woman and get involved with this character, you better have a protective big brother. . .

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