10 Black Teens Brutally Beat Up White Couple in Hate-Filled Attack | CafeMom

This is very disturbing . . .

10 Black Teens Brutally Beat Up White Couple in Hate-Filled Attack | CafeMom

Black Parents, are you teaching your children to be racists? Or, are you letting the street raise your children? Actually, it is not just black kids acting like Satan’s spawn attacking people. It is kids of all ages and races demonstrating themselves to be a “tough” guy, each trying to be more offensive then the other. What I do not understand, is why?

Our subject story tells us about a couple of white people driving past a shopping mall early in the evening when at a stop light a group of black youngsters decided to take their sweet time crossing the street, actually crossing against the light. So, the man driving tooted his horn at the kids. The kids instead of recognizing themselves in the wrong, chose to attack the man’s car, kicking and hitting it. When the white guy gets out of his car to check the damage, the black kids gang up on him beating him fairly seriously. Then they attack his wife, also a serious attack. During the attack the black kids hollered racial statements towards the couple, leaving little doubt the attack racial in motivation.

The biggest problem with this incident is the age of the black kids who ranged from 12 to 18 years old. Black Parents, is an 18 year old teaching your 12 year old to be a candidate for “most likely to waste your life in prison” or “soon to be dead?” I know we have white older kids teaching our younger kids “wholesale stupidity” without concern for the damage they cause. It needs to stop.

If you do nothing us for your child, regardless of color, teach him respect for others. This bullshit violence by today’s youth has reached outrageous levels. And, when asked why they did it, all of them tell us how ignorant they are and how neglectful we as parents have been. If your kid is between 10 and 30, he is a potential idiot that has absolutely no respect for others, property, or the law. He is violent, he is abusive, and he is probably not going to live a very good life. I am not just talking about black kids. I am talking about all kids. And no matter how you slice it, parental negligence is the problem. We are letting our children walk the streets like they are crossing a prison “yard” and to earn their “stripes” they believe they have to do something to show how tough they are.

We as a society have got to do something with this situation to turn it around. I do not have the answers. I wish I did, maybe I could save some lost futures of our young if I did. Everyone needs to talk some sense into our youth. And, I mean “good” sense. We also need to weed out the people talking all the racism, hatred, and violence crap from influencing our kids. We have to love our kids enough to do something to save them from a life of prison cells and cemeteries before it is too late.

The first thing we need to do is teach our young men to be men, not punks and thugs . . . 

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