Examining the ‘knock out’ game

This is a “Real Man’s” game . . .

Examining the ‘knock out’ game

Our subject story and video tells us of a new game called “The knockout Game” in which a punk approaches an unsuspecting person and punches them with the intent to knock them out. The game has been played in a number of States and is just another reason for punks to demonstrate their cowardice and violence. The people playing this game believe themselves “cool,” but what is cool about sucker punching somebody for no good reason at all? It takes absolutely no skill, no bravery, and no heart to attack somebody in such fashion. The video shows youngsters assaulting middle aged men and women for this game which means the game is played by attacking those weaker than yourself, which again demonstrates cowardice. What good is such a game? If you win, what have you won? The label of “coward?”

People have actually been killed due to this game and in addition to the loss of the person attacked, there is the loss of humanity and the loss of the attacker. Even if the attacker never found and brought to justice, his actions will be his undoing sooner or later. While he may believe himself cool, the rest of the world will likely see him for what he is. And, sooner or later he will find himself on the business end of someone that is strong enough to defend themselves or come to the aid of another victim.

I used to believe that people got away with the wrongs they do to others, but they don’t. Call it karma, “what comes around, goes around” or any other similar idea, but sooner or later something happens that gives it right back to the person that did the wrong. Like this racist that is presently escaping the “death penalty” that is in the news. He is not escaping anything. If anything he is living his hell longer. Who gives a damn, let him rot. His contribution to our society was to try to create a race war because he wanted to preserve the “white” race. The point I am making is sooner or later those that cause others grief, pay. At least I hope so, because belief in such helps me make it through the day.

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