3 California students charged with racially bullying black roommate – CNN.com


You send them to school, buy them books, and they are still STUPID!

3 California students charged with racially bullying black roommate – CNN.com

This is a very troubling story. When you think of college students in the State of California, you think of bright young people with open minds, tolerance, and an eagerness to change the world for the better. You do not expect racial harassment and abuse.

Our subject story tells us of a group of white college students that chose to harass a black student/room-mate. Their harassment was both racial and abusive. What makes this an even more distasteful situation, is the room-mates not actually doing the harassment failed to do anything about it. I do not think I have heard of any story less offensive than this. Who raised these children this way? What parent raises their children to believe such conduct acceptable? Have we really stepped back in time fifty years to become like we had once been.

Yesterday, or the day before we put one evil son-of-bitch to death for crimes he committed with intent to create racial unrest in hopes of starting a race war. Are there more amongst us like him? Have we raised a bunch of racist, intolerant, abusive, and offensive assholes to take over the Country. And, have we raised a bunch of cowards afraid to stand up against these assholes? Where have we failed ourselves and this Country?

I am sorry, but I have to rant a bit. I am not Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, or anything other than white. Pretty much my whole life I have supported the equality of everyone. I have treated everyone with respect, even when not deserved, because I want the same treatment towards myself. I see more racism today than 20 years ago. I see more young men of all races demonstrating racial hatred than I have ever witnessed before. And, I see a nation that is doing nothing about it. It disgusts me. And, I am so disappointed in those that find this type of conduct acceptable. Somebody needs to slap the crap out of every parent that has raised a racist, first for being negligent, and second for being a racist themselves. Children learn racism from someone, usually family.

I know my words carry little weight in the world, but some of you people simply are doing your damn best to destroy this Country and I do not appreciate it one damn bit. Please do me the courtesy of telling me you are a racist when we meet so I can tell you what I think of you . . . And, you loser white college kids, learn something about humanity and how to benefit this Country or give up your seats to the people that can.

Sorry for the rant, but this shit simply pisses me off! 

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