Investigators: More Than Half Of Corrections Officers At Jail Helped Inmates Smuggle In Contraband « CBS Baltimore

This has happened before at a number of Correctional facilities . . .

Investigators: More Than Half Of Corrections Officers At Jail Helped Inmates Smuggle In Contraband « CBS Baltimore

What the Investigation is missing is the real crime . . .

Our subject story tells us about a correctional facility with a whole bunch of bad cops. The Investigation leads to the BGF ( Black Guerilla Family ) which has been a strong prison gang nation-wide since the 70’s. This  has happened in other facilities and even in the Department of Motor Vehicles years ago. But, it was not a case of good cops gone bad. It was a case of the agency being infiltrated by the BGF.

The BGF finds people that they seduce into membership in the gang, that  do not have any criminal record. Then the person applies for employment with the agency the gang wants them to infiltrate. Most of the government agencies either have a set guideline for hiring a number of minorities or in cooperation with Employment Departments give opportunities to certain classes of applicants in need of employment. This is not a bad thing as it provides the agency with a good mix of races and provides some people that are trying hard to advance their lives and need such an opportunity to make it happen. It is not a bad thing until a criminal element such as the BGF finds a way to abuse the system. I believe in one State the DMV was infiltrated by the BGF with intent to gather information relevant to Peace Officers such as home addresses and other information. And the people involved clear background investigations easily as the gang ensures those chosen have spotless records and the applicants are coached in how to respond to interview questions and such.

I do not know of any other prison gangs that do this, but I would believe many of the most notorious gangs all have taken every opportunity to put someone in a position to know what the cops know and forewarn them of the cops plans that may lead to disruption of unlawful activity by the gang. It would not surprise me at all to learn of such infiltration into numerous government agencies. It is just something that government has to deal with as it happens. It is near impossible to identify these people until they start conducting themselves in an unlawful manner that gets the attention leading to an investigation.

For the most part government agencies tend to be staffed with good honest hard working folk that are good at their jobs, But sometimes . . .

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