So, you are a RACIST! You are White, Black, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, or other and it makes you feel special to hate someone of a different race, simply because of the color of their skin. I am proud of you, you have reached the level of stupidity it takes to cause harm to everyone you know. Oh, I see, you do not believe your racist beliefs are harmful to others . . .

Let’s just see how many people you can hurt . . .

Were your parents racists? If not, when you commit a racist act, use a racial slur, or act disrespectful to someone of another race I will bet that your parents find it both embarrassing and hurtful. If they did not raise you to be a racist and you are, likely every day they ask themselves where they went wrong. Yes, you could very well be causing harm to your parents.

How about your siblings? What of your little brother or sister that looks up to you as though you are the neatest guy or gal in the world, the coolest person they know? Do you not think referring to someone as a “nigger,” “spic,” “gook,” or other in their presence can cause them harm. Just by calling someone a racially offensive name you have started your sibling on the road to racial hatred. How? Just by your influence to their little minds that are like sponges soaking up everything they see and hear. Why? Because they love you and believe that you would not tell them anything that was not right. Yes, you can hurt your younger siblings by being a racist.

What about your more mature siblings or other relatives? You and your brother near the same age attend the same school and you are quite racial referring to white people as  “Crackers” and acting like white people are your enemy. Your brother is not so racial and has white friends that he likes to hang out with but every time you see him with his friends you act as though he is doing something wrong. Do you not think your racial influence is both harmful to your relationship with your brother as well as harmful to his relationships with others? What if your brother was interested in a relationship that someday could benefit his future, but because of you he chose to stop relating to other races. There is far more opportunity for growth amongst multiple races than any single race.  Yes, you can hurt other siblings and other family with your racist beliefs.

What about yourself? Unless your ignorance has already guaranteed a place for you in the most racial environment known to this Country which is prison, your entire future may hang on just the fact that you are intolerant of other races. Jobs, education, social activities, and even your love life have far more opportunities for those not racist. Are you going to quit loving someone because of the color of their skin?

If you think you cannot be recognized as a racist within minutes just by the way you act, you are wrong. Even “closet racists” are visible with very little observation. There are few opportunities for those that are seen to be racists. Do you think Al Sharpton could ever be anything else than an activist with intent of racial unrest? No, even the Black race would disregard him were he to attempt anything else. He certainly would not garner the respect of any people of other race based purely on his lack of respect for others.

The point I am trying to make, although maybe not very well . . . Is that if you are a Racist, you hurt everyone you know. The harm caused does not just stay with you, it effects everyone else also. Do you really want to hurt your loved ones? Do you really want to hurt your friends and relatives? Do you really want to hurt anyone?

It is not too late for you to correct your racist behavior. Hell, you do not even have to like other races to be tolerant of them and their right to exist equal to yourself. America has always been a melting pot of races and America has always had a bit of racism. Believe me, there are a lot more people that are concerned for the future of our friends and families than there are racists. There are also many mixed race families out here that do not care for racist conduct, maybe even your own. The time for racism in America has passed. The time for reverse racism has passed. It is time for all of America to lick their wounds and look to a better future in which all men are created equal and we treat each other with respect and tolerance. If you do nothing else with your life, open your mind and your heart to learning how to grow from interaction with people of different races, accept them as your equal, and be tolerant of the difference of the races as their culture and beliefs are the result of their history. Make tomorrow a better day for America . . . Quit being racist!


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