Spotting human trafficking on flights

It is so good to see Americans fighting back . . .

Spotting human trafficking on flights

Our subject story tells us of a Flight Attendant that has observed what she believes to be victims of “human trafficking” on numerous occasions during her employment with the airlines. She has led the charge in getting her fellow Flight Attendants and others trained to recognize possible victims as they travel on the airlines. I say it is good that somebody in America is fighting back against imported slavery in the United States.

The American people are blind to this crime. And our Police are too busy violating people’s rights and chasing down bogus drug crimes to actually  to some much needed police work and rid our Country of slavery. It is ridiculous. In America today there are people enslaving others as sexual slaves and household labor right before our eyes and we do not see it. Is this the future of America? Everybody gets to own a slave? Haven’t we already lived through this, and paid for it ever since?

Everyone has a neighbor that is possibly holding someone as a slave. In the affluent neighborhoods, household labor slavery is well hidden but exists. In the urban neighborhoods sexual slavery exists, used by American men without concern for the victims. Of all the crime in America today, slavery (human trafficking) rates right up there with murder as it also puts an end to the victims life as they knew it, taking away their freedoms to live their lives as they wish. All of which is by coercion of one sort or another, either by threat or by violence. And, the numbers of victims grows daily. Some escape, some die, but few get rescued. The real crime is that we as American’s do nothing but let it happen.

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