Syrian civil war has seen 11,000 children killed, report says –

Why are we still in the middle-east?

Syrian civil war has seen 11,000 children killed, report says –

Hey President Obama,

You want to leave a legacy other than failed Obamacare? Failed legalization and taxation of drugs? Then get us the hell out of the Middle-East. Not just Syria, but everywhere in the Middle-East. We really do not need to be there, really.

Think about it, what does the Middle-East have to offer America? People that do not respect our laws nor religions? People that believe we all beneath them? People that will eventually bring the war to our streets? This is what you promise America if we stay in the Middle-East. I for one, would like to see our Government work for the People and actually do what the People want for once. Not a half-step towards what the People want like you have done with drug legalization. Not a failed step like your Obamacare. But, actually a complete act like getting all of the US. out of every Middle-East country.

There is no benefit derived by being in the Middle-East. We do not need their oil or any other import from that region. We can get all the sand we need from our own deserts and beaches. We do not need their imported slavery. We do not need the imported terrorists that sneak through immigration. What does the Middle-East have to offer us? NOTHING!

Which do you suppose is stronger, American Law or Islamic Religion? You better hope American Law. If not, then every person that comes into the United States that does not denounce the Islamic Faith is a potential threat to this Country. I am not saying they are such threat, only that the potential threat exists. I would hope a significant number of such immigrants would actually adhere to US Laws. Actually, I would hope the question never needs answer because I am afraid of what the answer could be.

I beseech you as a single voice in America, please get us out of the entire Middle-East before you leave us the terrible legacy of war in our own streets.

For those of you that find this offensive, I apologize. I do not hate these people. I do not wish them ill will. I simply see no reason to continue fighting their war and bringing it to our Country. I care for America, my friends and family, and the ability of America to keep us safe. I am not a prophet, but I see a bad end to the relationship we share with the Islamic countries. I pray the Good Lord prove me wrong. 

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