Fights break out on Black Friday

Watch this asshole run in like a bull in a china shop. . .

Fights break out on Black Friday

The subject video shows a full grown adult white man go charging into a crowd of shoppers tossing them out of his way as he grabs himself an item on sale for Black Friday whiled Security stood by and did nothing. Were I one of the Walmart Shoppers effected by or attacked by this guy, I would be at the Court Monday morning. Clearly Walmart failed to provide a safe and sane experience for their customers. I believe I saw at least two women knocked to the ground by this guy.

The fact is nothing was done by Security and none of the other Shoppers said anything to the guy about his conduct. But, Security did approach and threaten the person taking the video with arrest if he did not stop recording his video. There is something wrong with this situation. Has this Country decided that to shop, you let the big bad bully have his way without saying anything about it?

Somebody needs to find this asshole in the video and prosecute him for violence he committed and Walmart needs to protect their customers from such violence. At least people that recognize this guy should tell him what an absolute offense he is to adults everywhere.

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