Man arrested 56 times for going to work?

Florida Law Enforcement needs help in doing their job correctly . . .

Man arrested 56 times for going to work?

Our subject story tells us of a Black man that works at a convenience type store and has been stopped, detained, searched, arrested, or jailed over 200 times during the past 4 years. This is stupidity by Law Enforcement and a serious failure for the community. When you have to violate Civil Rights or Constitutional Rights to enforce the law, you need to declare Martial Law and bring in the Military.

The spokesperson for the Police Department claimed the area a “high crime” area but the store Owner actually installed cameras to protect himself from the Police who have also stopped and harassed him.

This is borderline ridiculous. Local Law Enforcement should have long ago identified both of these individuals as working at the market, formed a relationship with them, and had little reason to harass them. Every “good” cop knows who works the at risk stores and such on his beat. Every good cop knows who belongs behind the cash register at almost every business on their neat during the at risk time periods. When good cops have to rush into a location they usually have an idea who works there and who the bad guy is simply by knowing their job.

I doubt this community has a very large department, probably only having a few officers patrolling the streets. They probably also have a limited budget. But, it sounds as though this Police Department is in serious need of training of their staff. I may be wrong, but I so not believe so. The Chief of this Police Department needs to acquire an adequate budget to bring in some In Service Training for his officers before civil complaints cost the community millions in lost law suits.

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