‘Slave’ as occupation in juror form

There are no Black slaves alive from the period of Black Slavery in our history . . . .

‘Slave’ as occupation in juror form

Our subject video tells us of a government form which lists “slave” as an occupation on the form. Yes this is offensive, but not nearly as offensive as the video report. The Reporter and film crew chose to discuss the form with Black people, why? There are no known people living today that were actually slaves during the period of time in our history that Blacks were slaves in America. So, why is a television media interviewing Black people about this information? And, why is a Black man offended by the form? He has never been a slave and he was not alive when there were Black slaves. The racial implications made by the media in this case are seriously offensive for more than one reason.

  • Creating a Black racial issue by the media is bullshit. The form did not offer the selection for persons enslaved years ago. The form offers the choice for those enslaved presently.
  • There are a whole bunch of people enslaved in this Country today, most of other race than Black, some enslaved by Black people.
  • This Country and Black People need to get passed the slavery issue of their great grandparents, and recognize they are no longer slaves anymore than the rest of us. Whites get treated just as bad in lower income neighborhoods as Blacks do. The old claim of “Well I had family that were slaves.” is no longer a reason to call the use of a race card as “Well I have family that died freeing the slaves.”
  • America needs to realize that the slavery of long ago is dead and gone, history. But, their is a new slavery that is taking place in this Country and it effects people of all races and sexes. It affects children and the elderly. And, today’s slavery is both imported and exported to and from other countries.

So, today “slave” as an occupation might in fact be a realistic choice for some. Regardless, slavery in America today should be a concern of everyone today. We all need to pay attention to the slavery that is right before our eyes daily that we do nothing about. The affluent have slaves in the form of domestic household workers. The lower income neighborhoods have those enslaved for sexual use and exploitation. It is all right in front of our eyes, but we fail to see.

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