Amazing new video of shipwreck rescue

The ship has sunk, the crew is dead . . .

Amazing new video of shipwreck rescue

Our subject story tells us of a sailor aboard a ship that has a significant amount of what is supposed to be outside, inside. In other words the ship has sunk to the degree that all on board are believed to be dead. 3 days after the incident rescue divers are sent in to recover the dead bodies. As the divers recover the bodies going from compartment to compartment, they discover a body trapped in a small compartment with about four foot of air trapped in the compartment with him. The Sailor is STILL ALIVE!

I spent a good deal of my time in the U.S. Navy aboard ships. Big ships, little ships; who am I kidding.  If it is called a ship, it is not little. And, after the Navy I spent a lot of time on boats. Boats tend to be smaller than ships. Anyway, my point is . . . When you spend enough time on ships and boats eventually you consider the possibility that the vessel could discontinue floating as it is supposed to. You ask yourself, “Self, if this critter sinks, what ya gonna do?” The end result of such questions is sink or swim.

Can you imagine being trapped in a ship with no way out, unsure of how deep the ship has sunk, if there is air trapped elsewhere to sustain you, or if at any moment the ship will make a movement filling your space with water with no means of escape. It is dark. It is cold. You cannot see to know which way to go to attempt an escape. While I might believe rescue possible the first day, not likely the second day, not going to happen by the third day.

The likelihood that survivors would be found aboard this ship was none. As far as the world was concerned, all hands were lost. To all concerned this sailor was dead. I imagine family members had been notified of his death. And, had a body not have been found it would be believed the body afloat or not at sea. Or, shark food. There are so many wonderful possibilities when a ship goes down. I mean, if you can swim, really swim, no really really swim . . . you may have a chance off survival were you in a position to abandon ship as she sunk. But, this poor sailor was trapped below decks in his boxers with no food or water. He survived on Coke Cola for three days.

You have to watch the video to see the look of disbelief on this sailors face when he is rescued. I think even he thought he was dead by that time . . .

That is one lucky sailor . . .

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