New law aimed to fight methamphetamine takes effect | News – WCTI NewsChannel 12

And, the stupidity CONTINUES!

New law aimed to fight methamphetamine takes effect | News – WCTI NewsChannel 12

What kind of common sense creates Drug Cartels, gets thousands of people killed, destroys lives, and cost tax payers billions of dollars each year? Why mister, that would be the failed U.S. War on Drugs.

Our subject story discusses another stupid law that does not fix the problem, but continues it into the future. And, it is just bullshit that our Government is not doing their jobs and fixing this. Every Politician in office today needs to be stripped of office and charged with conspiracy in furtherance of criminal enterprise, conspiracy to commit murder, and conspiracy to misuse Tax Money.

We as a Country will never be able to resolve drug usage so long as criminals control drugs.  By our prohibition of drugs we have actually helped create dangerous and deadly criminal enterprise both in the U.S. and abroad.  Allowing these criminals to control a multi billion dollar drug trade has worked in furtherance of violence both within the U.S. and abroad. Our Politicians have allowed the the “war on drugs” to continue year after year, and the waste of tax dollars to continue regardless of the failure of the program. This failure has exceeded 40 years and billions of dollars.

The facts are:

  • Less people die per year by use of illegal drugs than by use of prescribed medications.
  • Prohibition does nothing but help market drug usage to the young.
  • Criminals get rich selling drugs both in the U.S. and abroad without any form of taxation.
  • Were control of drugs taken away from criminals, violence related to drugs would cease immediately.
  • Were the Government to stop the current “war on drugs” they would save more tax dollars than any other method of trying to save tax dollars to date.

Were the Government to legalize drugs and allow the manufacture, growing, packaging, and distribution of these drugs:

  • Drug related issues could be taken from the Courts to the Medical Industry allowing for treatment rather than incarceration for drug addiction.
  • Drugs would no longer be in the control of criminals.
  • As drugs would no longer be controlled by criminals, the associated violence would cease.
  • As drugs would be distributed by small business, jobs and taxation would increase dramatically.
  • Criminal enterprise previously made rich would lose it’s significant income.
  • The tax savings by abandonment of the war on drugs would make a serious dent in the national debt were those monies applied towards it.

I am not saying that this is the best idea for resolution of our country’s drug problems. But, after 40 plus years of playing a failed war on drugs it is time we did something else. Allowing criminal control of drugs to continue and the continued prohibition on drugs has done nothing positive for this country. We have to do something else.  So, why not create business, employment, taxable revenue, and allow people to make their own choice to drug or not with the ability to seek medical attention if such becomes a problem.

Just because I am tired of seeing criminals make a better living than those that work hard for a living and tired of seeing the lives wasted and lost relative to drugs, does not mean that I condone or suggest use of drugs a good idea. Nor do I believe were drugs legalized that all of America would promptly become drug addicts. This Country has worse addictions that are legal and not everyone is stupid enough to become drug addicts. Actually I believe more people use drugs because prohibition makes it “cool” than for any other reason.

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