Mourners hail Nelson Mandela’s courage, conviction –

Everybody, EVERBODY, should read this  . . .

Mourners hail Nelson Mandela’s courage, conviction –

Although Nelson Mandela served a country far away, his greatness crossed oceans. Everyone that does not know who, or what kind of man he was should read the subject story.

our subject story tells us of the death of one of history’s greatest and strongest men. Nelson Mandela died today at the age of 95. I cannot do justice to telling even the highlights of the Nelson Mandela story, but read a bit and look around, you will discover people of all colors, from every corner of the planet paying their respects to this man. And, most every man alive today can learn a valuable lesson just by learning just a little of Nelson Mandela’s history.

The one thing I can give is my humble opinion of Nelson Mandela: No man faced with the adversity Mandela challenged, no man with the sacrifices Mandela made, showed the world what respect for others could do as he did. Men world-wide should learn from the acts of this man, because he is the only man that has ever demonstrated such respect thus far throughout history that I know of. And even with all the negative history you can muster of the man, he is respected world-wide for his achievements and accomplishments against exorbitant odds at a cost of so much personal sacrifice. There is not another man throughout history that has ever given so strong a message to the world. He earned the respect of even his adversaries, including  leaders and peoples of every nation world-wide.

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