Police: Newlyweds lure man through Craigslist for thrill killing – CNN.com

And, the sickness continues . . .

Police: Newlyweds lure man through Craigslist for thrill killing – CNN.com

It seems like everywhere in America a sickness is spreading. The need for violence, the desire to cause harm to another human being, the want of media attention . . . has become a national sickness that seems unwilling to stop itself from spreading more than any other virus affecting man. Just look around you, can you see the violence just under the surface on the faces of your family and friends?

Our subject story tells us of a newlywed couple who decide they want to know what it is like to kill somebody. She is just 18, a Craigslist whore. Him on his 22nd birthday, a dishwasher. They had been married for three weeks. Jointly they developed a plan to kill someone for the joy of the experience.

Their plan was simple enough but failed on previous attempts for undisclosed reasons. This time they succeeded. She was contacted via her Craigslist personal ad offering her services by the victim who met her and traveled in her SUV to someplace to conduct their business. When she pulled the vehicle over at a location for their business to occur, she started stabbing the victim while the husband who had been hiding in the back of the vehicle under a blanket held the victim tight in place by a rope looped over his head limiting the victim fighting back against the woman who stabbed him close to 20 times. They later dump the body behind some strangers garage.

What kind of sickness causes people to victimize others like this? Their intent was not to rob the victim. Their intent was not sexual misconduct. Their premeditated intent was to kill another human being. WTF kind of sickness is this . . .

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