6-year-old suspended for kissing girl, accused of sexual harassment

Why do we allow people that suffer from rectal – cranial inversion to manage and teach in our schools?


Our subject story tells us of a little six year old boy, that is learning early about the bullshit created by adults. Apparently, the young lad kissed a young lady on her hand and because the adults at his school figure that six year old boys have knowledge of what “sexual harassment” is, they’re throwing the book at him.

What should be happening is EVERYONE employed by the school district needs to be required to attend training that explains what sexual harassment actually is and at what age children can be deemed capable of committing the act. Six year old boys kiss their mothers, teachers, and little girls, but I do not believe any of the aforementioned kissing falls into the realm of sexual harassment. Now, were a six year old boy to be trying to expose the girls anatomy that would be a problem, but still probably not sexual harassment. Why? Because six year old boys do not understand what sexual harassment is. They are not mentally capable of understanding what the term “sexual harassment” is, how it becomes such a thing, nor why committing such an act will leave them labeled a potential sex offender throughout their educational career.

If a six year old boy can be charged with the offense of sexual harassment, shouldn’t every woman that pinches his little cheek, fawns over his eyelashes, or gives him little kisses be charged with the same offense? It is simply ridiculous that the term is even used in relation to six year olds. These are children attending their “first grade” of elementary school. If the child’s conduct is inappropriate, you  sit him down and tell him his actions are not acceptable and tell him why. You do not suspend him from school and tell his parents that his misconduct will become part of his permanent school record.

I think all educators, in all schools, throughout the Country would be best paying attention to the acts of their fellow educators in relation to students to ensure their conduct with students is maintained appropriate, instead of taking unreasonable actions against a child that does not know sex from wrestling or little girls from fishing. You know what I mean . . .

5 thoughts on “6-year-old suspended for kissing girl, accused of sexual harassment

  1. Absolutely ridiculous. There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to take such actions against a six year old boy. It’s not only unnecessary but wrong. Even if the girl showed clearly that she didn’t want the boy to be in her space, there is no need to go so absolutely over the top. A few words from his parent(s) and just mayybe a detention so that he understands that what he did was wrong and why is more than enough. All of the teachers directly involved with this should be sacked outright. They should NOT be working with kids if that is that the level of common sense they have…


      • C.T.,

        Of all the people that visit my blog, I look forward to your visit and comment the most. If ever it takes me more than a minute to respond to you it is because I am old and slow, or otherwise preoccupied and cannot get away to do so. Regardless, I look forward to seeing your visit and hope you continue to do so. BTW Syx still driving them crazy in PG, me at home, and others just by being in the same neighborhood. They will probably fit me for a straight jacket or prescribe heavy meds to me in the near future. (LOL) Oh, was supposed to tell you she said hello.


  2. Hahahaha. Good ol’ syx. hmm, I might pop up in the game again soon then just to see how things are since I’m not in work any mores for now =)
    Ohhh, and richards when i said better late than never I meant about the school dropping the case was better late than never for common sense 😀 hehe. I always appreciate your replies. You always give me food for thought 😀 I like that.
    oh and Tell Syx hi from me if ya be so kind 😀


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