‘Affluenza’: Is it real?

The Court upholds the contention that the “affluent” can get away with murder!


Our subject story tells us of a 16 year old kid that comes from an “affluent” family that steals beer from Walmart then drives drunk killing a woman and her daughter, and gets off without true penalty as the “affluent” can get away with murder because they have money.

You will have to follow the link for additional details of the story, I seek further discussion of the “affluent” aspect of this case.

What kind of crap is this. Just because a “shrink” says that the affluent are raising their children to be “assholes” the Court makes breaking the law and killing people a “cake walk” for people of money. Were the same offense be done by someone without the “affluent” status, they would be serving time for few years.

I do not care if you come from the “rich and famous” or “the wrong side of the tracks” by the age of 16 you are aware enough of what acts are not acceptable in our society. A 16 year old knows the difference between right and wrong. And, in the United States in most States if you commit an act severe enough you can find yourself tried as an adult regardless if 16 or not. “Affluenza” is not a real psychological issue, but a state of mind. It is the belief that because your family has money you can get away with being an irresponsible idiot. It has always been that way. But, never so much as noted in this case.

This 16 year old knew he was doing wrong when they stole the beer  from Walmart. He knew damn well that driving drunk was wrong also.  The decision by the Court in this case does nothing but validate that those with money have “privilege” that those without have not.

So, now all those self serving, self righteous, entitled little pricks have more reason to believe they can get away with murder just because their family has a few bucks. Mind you, none of these children have done anything to earn such status. They have not earned any of the money, the parents or grandparents are the money. These children are the future of America . . .

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