Yesterday Was My Birthday . . .

There comes a time in every mans life when he no longer cares that it is his birthday. I believe I have reached that time because unless you can figure out a way to turn the clock back I simply do not give a raggedy rats ass about a birthday. Well I cannot find anything to make me look younger. But, I can damn sure feel younger. No, I did not pick up a 23 year old blond girl that likes older men . . .

There is absolutely nothing that turns my clock back to a younger age than a motorcycle. I took a ride on a motorcycle yesterday that took me from 57 to 35 in less time than it took to do the quarter mile. It was an older bike showing a little wear. It has an oil leak. It only has one mirror. It has rips in the leather seat. And, it has this ugly ass flame paint job. But DAMN, was it fun.

The bike is a 1996 Suzuki Savage LS650. It is a “cruiser”  style motorcycle. It sits nice and low so my short ass could sit on it and hold it up without training wheels. It has that nice “throaty” sound that you like when you hear a motorcycle, not quite like a Harley, but not like a sewing machine either. I took her out on 580 east from Oakland to San Leandro and as cold as it was I wished it had at least a windshield, but that didn’t stop me from running her up a little over the speed limit a couple of times to get away from annoying traffic. ( You will notice that I have not said to what speed I took her. Violations of the California State Vehicle Code are not advisable and should be avoided at all times. ) C’mon, you wouldn’t strike me with lightning on my birthday would you?

Anyway, back to my story. Riding a motorcycle just works for me. It relieves the stress, the hostility, and the frustration that builds up with getting old. I feel better, I get along better with others, and I have fun. And, at “older than dirt” that is quite a chore to do. I am serious. I even pick up a little step to my walk showing how good it makes me feel.

Now. I have had motorcycles in my past and thinking back, all of them made me feel good. I recently (maybe two years ago) owned a Yamaha 750 Virago that had middle-gear problems that I could not resolve, so I sold her to someone that could. I almost cried when the buyer came to take her away. She was a doll, miss her too.

Again, back to my story. Motorcycles may not be your “cup of tea” but they sure do the trick for me. I am not what you would call a “biker” and I wear nobody’s colors, nor do any of that “outlaw” kind of stuff. I simply like the ride, the feel of the bike working beneath me, and maybe the independence that comes with riding a bike. If you ever want to test your desire for a motorcycle, go into SIMMS Motorcycles in Hayward and look at the bikes on their showroom floor. I walked in there recently and without thought said, “Man am I gonna wish I never stepped in the door of this place.” And, I meant it. They have so many beautiful motorcycles in that place. Walking into their showroom was like walking into a college campus mid-summer. I was right, I wish I had never walked in there. My mind keeps going back to a couple of their bikes and although wishes and dreams may be free, motorcycles from SIMMS cost real money.

But, what a dream they be . . .

Oh well, so that was my birthday.

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