Do shooters’ parents owe an explanation?

In certain circumstances, of course they do as well as should face criminal prosecution . . .

Do shooters’ parents owe an explanation?

The subject video discusses what roles the parents play in the “mass shootings/school shootings” by their children. While the author of the book discussed in the video makes supportive argument for the parents, I tend to be of another opinion. And, my opinion covers any use of a firearm by a child when the firearm is owned by the parent or the child living at home with his parents.

There is little justification for a child to have control of a firearm. By control I mean the child has access to and can make use of a firearm without parental consent and the weapon can be made useable without any method of securing such prior to use. Every firearm within a home with children should be secured so that a child can not pick up the firearm and fire the weapon. This is easily accomplished buy use of a gun safe or a simple trigger lock with the keys secured so that children cannot access the key. If there is reason for the children to use the weapon, the parent should have to be the one to provide the child the weapon, approving the child’s use.

If a child, or for that matter any person can access a persons firearm and make immediate use of it, the owner of that firearm should be held liable for such usage. Simply explained: If little Bobby gets his dad’s gun to show it to little Billy, and Bobby gets shot and dies . . . Bobby’s dad should be charged with the murder of his son. It is bad enough that the weapon is not secured where the child cannot get to it, but when preventing the firearm from being shot is a simple as a $20.00 trigger lock, the parental negligence in not taking responsible measures to ensure their weapon not used inappropriately requires they suffer the consequence of their neglect.

The incident where a young boy was out walking around with a rifle that appeared to be an assault rifle in which the child was killed by a law enforcement officer is as much the negligence of the parents allowing the child to have the weapon as it is the cops for not recognizing that the child was in an area frequented by local people that carried weapons. (In other words, the kid lived in a “country” type area where firearms are often carried for a number of reasons not illegal or unreasonable.) But, why was the kid out there running around with a “pellet gun” that resembled an assault rifle? Did it not occur to anybody that the damn thing could be mistaken for an assault rifle by someone? I am not trying to blame the parents for the death of their child. I am trying to demonstrate that proper parental responsibility in ensuring that adequate precautions are taken to prevent such incidents are actually considered by the parents and that parents who do nothing to prevent children from unlawful use of their weapons need to accept the responsibility  when something bad happens.

I have owned firearms from the age of 10. I know how easily stupid can happen with a gun. Why would you have a gun that because you are too negligent to secure kills someone? Why would you provide your child the ability to cause the loss of someone’s life just because you are too neglectful to take a minute to prevent it? There is no damn excuse for someone to own a gun and not secure it from use by a child without parental knowledge of it’s intended use and parental approval prior to it’s use.

Sorry folks, just my opinion . . .

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