Snowden’s open letter offers to help Brazil look into NSA surveillance –

Again Snowden demonstrates himself a traitor  to the United States . . .

Snowden’s open letter offers to help Brazil look into NSA surveillance –

Our subject story tells us about Snowden committing more acts of treason to the United States. This time he has offered to help a foreign country discover and identify our governments spy games.

This is 100% treason. And, Snowden does not care. He is not concerned if he places the United States in danger or not. He does not care if his actions destroy international relations. And, he does not care if his actions destroy the US spy system while our enemy countries remain intact leaving this country in a very poor position for defending or preventing acts against this country. Because he is simply a TRAITOR. That is all it is, the boy is a traitor and needs to be treated as one.

Snowden had this intent from the onset of his getting employed by the NSA Contractor. Why else would he have taken documents that are not relevant to spy tactics on US citizens? He fully intended to attack the United States by disclosure of information to foreign countries when he started his infiltration of the NSA.

I believe Snowden needs to be “taken out” by the CIA. But, not until they have the opportunity to torture the little traitor until he surrenders all the documents he stole from the NSA. You people that believe Snowden some sort of Constitutional Rights hero are failing to see the real Snowden. He did not have a job with the NSA and accidently discovered that the NSA was spying a bit more than reasonable than they should. He intentionally infiltrated the US spy network with the intent of causing unrecoverable harm to the United States, and he is doing so without regard for the impact his actions may have upon us as US citizens. Snowden is no hero. He is a traitor and a threat to every citizen in the United States.

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