Am I About To Be Scammed?

This is a true story. I recently met a young lady on line that works for an international aid organization and we have shared a brief amount of on line conversation. She resides in England but at present she is on assignment in Africa. About a week ago we met on line and when I asked how she was, she told me she was sick. She explained she felt very poorly but had left her medical card at  home in England. She needed her medical card to receive treatment from local doctors. She said she needed about $75.00 USD for the treatment and when I told her I was not able to help her until I got paid on Friday she had me wait on line so she could go confer with the doctor to see if he could do anything for her. She returned a short time later saying the doctor could help her when she received the money.

Now, I do not know this woman from Adam. I have asked what is the cause of her illness without response. But, she claims to be ill and needs treatment.

How many times a day does a person on line encounter such a situation? How many such claims are simply scams to relieve people of their hard earned cash? What would you do in such a situation?

3 thoughts on “Am I About To Be Scammed?

  1. I gotta say in all of my time online I have very rare encountered such things. I’ve been online for nearly 8ish years now, and only remember having come across such things once.
    And honestly it DOES look like a scam from where I’m sitting. Why would someone travel to Africa on assignment, and forget something so vitally important? It really is a life or death thing, you don’t simply not bring it. Even to assume she’s telling the truth, in honestly she needs to learn her lesson and not forget next time otherwise next time she could die.


      • Ok, assuming she’s being truthful again, it honestly could be anything. If it’s life threatening then the doctor would want to operate as soon as possible regardless of what it was. Has she said what it is that’s wrong with her? You know the situation better than I but in this case I don’t think I trust the woman. Tell her that you can’t give her any and see what she says.Her reaction will give you your answer.


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