Cheating fiance must pay $50K

Here’s one for all those in love to consider . . .

Cheating fiance must pay $50K

Our subject video tells us of a gent that decided to seek affection from greener grasses, only to discover that the Courts decided that it will cost him some other green for his indiscretions. Apparently this gentlemen decided he was more interested in some other gal while engaged to another.

I do not know whether to applaud this ruling or question it. I mean it is bad enough that the Courts accompanied by kangaroo involve themselves in every aspect of marriage and family, with absolutely no fairness or concern for those involved. Now, the Court decides to get involved in relations other than marriage. And, the Court sets monetary award to it. I guess gone are the day when a man’s penis leads him through life. Now, if your relationship falls apart because you suck in a relationship, you have additional recourse to mess with the departing party. Just take them to Court. What a bunch of shit!

If you are in a relationship and Sally does for you what Wilma doesn’t, sometimes Sally wins. That is the way it works. Or, that is the way it used to work. Now, the financial ramifications imposed by the Court  will decide if your failure to honor the commitment of marriage will ruin your financial future without ever taking your vows. Just think, your non marriage decision will be heard by a man whose wife is doing the “pool boy” while he masturbates beneath his robe on the bench. It won’t matter if you decided you were not in love enough to go through with the marriage. It will only matter that the Court gets a say in your decision, and your bank account.

I tell you if I had known that the woman I married was going to rip my heart out, climb in someone else’s bed, and then destroy my life for over 25 years after the divorce I would have cut my own penis off and gone fishing for the rest of my life. Face it folks, relationships are a “crap shoot” at best. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Most the time you lose, and lose far more once the Courts find a way to do all they can to destroy at least one of the participants lives.

People do not understand. Family Court Judges decide the cases before them by monetary amounts. It does not matter who the “jilted” party is.  It does not matter if there really is justification for getting the hell away from the other person in the relationship. It only matters that the Court shows money.  Plain and simple . . . Money.

And, if you are having a bit of a problem in your relationship and hope to work it out, you no longer have a choice after you consult friends or an attorney. The friends awaiting their opportunity to jump into the beds of the parting couple will help the failure of the relationship along and there is no such thing as a Family Law Attorney that attempts reconciliation of a relationship.

I spent the first 40 years of my life believing laws just and the Courts fair. Believe me, I was an idiot. Laws are made when someone finds a way to profit from it.  And there is little justice in any of our Courts. Consider this; In Court you have a group of people all acting adversarial towards one another while one looks on to guarantee justice and fairness served. Then they all go to lunch together, the bar together, or golfing together as best friends. Real trusting system . . .  If ever there was justification for suicide in this Country, it is acts of injustice by our Court systems.   

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