Sheriff: 12-year-old girl arrested for trying to kill her infant niece | New Orleans

This stuff really happens . . .

Sheriff: 12-year-old girl arrested for trying to kill her infant niece | New Orleans

Our subject story tells us of a little 12 year old girl that is jealous of her infant niece because the niece receives more attention than her. So, the 12 year old decides to kill her niece by over medication while adults are otherwise disposed. The adults figure out the 12 year olds plot and take the infant to the hospital where she recovers.

People tend not to realize the degrees of jealousy some people have towards others. I know of a man that is so jealous of his step-sister that at close to 30 years of age the man still bitches about how much better his step-sisters life is than his own. It is absolutely ridiculous but as children the boy would do all sorts of evil things to his step-sister. And , throughout their life thus far the boy, now a full grown adult, goes into a funk every time something good happens for his step-sister. At every opportunity the man still tries to manipulate others by this jealousy and invades the privacy of the step-sister taking things of hers and such. Presently the man is close to 30 years  old, the step-sister close to 20 years old.

What kind of mind fails to grow out of such jealousy? How dangerous can it become? Will this jealousy always remain as intense throughout the entirety of their lives. The odd part is that the step-sister loves her step-brother and defends him without hesitation. He however, does everything he can to provide any kind of affection for her. The two have resided together in their mothers home since the birth of the step-sister.

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