Opinion: Who broke the law, Snowden or the NSA? – CNN.com

There is no question, they both broke the law . . .

Opinion: Who broke the law, Snowden or the NSA? – CNN.com

Our subject story discusses amnesty for Snowden the NSA whistleblower and traitor to the people of the United States. While the story puts forth a good argument for granting amnesty to Snowden for the treason he has committed, it fails to recognize that Snowden had his chance to be an American Hero and blew it.

These facts are known of the Snowden NSA situation:

  1. Snowden intentionally took the job with an NSA Contractor with intent to infiltrate the NSA to collect data relevant to NSA activities. Snowden was not already employed by the NSA Contractor and stumbled upon a situation of concern.
  2. Snowden discovered information that demonstrated the NSA violating the Constitutional Rights of American citizens. He collected and stole this information with intent to disclose such to the American People. But in addition to collecting and stealing information relevant to  NSA activities regarding US citizens, Snowden collected information relevant to NSA activities relevant to other countries.

Now, had Snowden of disclosed the information on NSA activity violating the Rights of US citizens only, had he only of stolen data relevant to such activity only, His disclosure of such information to the American People would have made him a hero without question. But, Snowden did not only do such.

Snowden collected and stole information regarding foreign countries. The collecting and theft of this data can only serve to cause harm to the United States. He collected and stole this information with malicious intent to cause harm to the United States. At a minimum his use of this information would be to “blackmail” the US Government with threat of disclosure to foreign countries. The actual disclosure of some of this information to foreign governments is an act of treason. It is no act of an hero, not an act of integrity, but an intentional traitorous act against the United States, the Government, and the People.

Snowden is a criminal. He intentionally infiltrated the NSA with intent to do harm to the United States Government and the People of the United States and has demonstrated his willingness to do so on multiple occasions.  His intent to cause harm to this Nation is demonstrated by his collection of data involving activities towards other countries. He had no other reason to collect and steal such data other than malicious intent to cause harm to the US. The information stolen and disclosed to foreign governments can and/or could create hostilities between other countries and the United States, thus Snowden has intentionally endangered the American People.

My question is; Who put Snowden up to this? Do you really think Snowden that smart? Do you really believe Snowden infiltrated the NSA, gathered and removed all that data from the NSA facility, secreted the information away, ran from the United States to foreign soil not in alliance with the US, and has held the US at bay for this long, all on his own? My friends, every event in this Nation is jumped upon by bullshit conspiracy theorists and the conspiracy theory usually ridiculous garbage. But why no conspiracy theory regarding Snowden? If ever an event that stinks of conspiracy in the history of this Country, Snowden is it!

Snowden did not infiltrate the NSA with intent to be an hero to the people of the United States. He infiltrated the NSA with intent to gather information sought by someone else and found information that would enable someone to cause embarrassment and harm to the United States Government. Snowden is a puppet, somebody else pulling the strings. Regardless, he is still a criminal and a traitor to the United States. Try him, convict him, and hang him . . . Let justice prevail. 

4 thoughts on “Opinion: Who broke the law, Snowden or the NSA? – CNN.com

  1. I’ve heard about this case over in Britain a few times too. I don’t know a lot about it though. Only that he stole information collected by the USA government. He’ll be a hero if he can get away with it but he’s as good as dead if he doesn’t.


  2. I mean, you could argue that he collected data he isn’t privy too and should not be allowed to do so. However isn’t the fact that he was able to get that information in the first place proof that the US government were doing the exact same thing? If the law is strictly followed and observed then both are guilty in no small way of spying and espionage.


    • My argument is that he had no reason to take data relevant to foreign countries if he was trying to be a hero for the US people. The only use the foreign data could be is adversarial to the US, making him an enemy of the US.


    • As far as I am concerned his disclosure of abuse of US citizen’s rights was great. Our spy games are probably due for a slap down. I supported his actions on that. But, you do not go pissing in the wind on foreign soil with the rest of the country at risk of you doing or saying something that should not be said. And, Snowden is not qualified or knowledgeable enough to make that judgment. But, whoever pulling the strings in this case has been very selective in the data breached, as no seriously harmful info has surfaced . . . To our knowledge.


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