Top 10 Crimes and Trials of 2013

2013 had some outrageous trials and even more outrageous Court findings. 

Top 10 Crimes and Trials of 2013

Our subject story/video discusses the top ten Court trials in America during the past year. The video talks about:

  1. Boston Marathon Bombing
  2. Ariel Castro held three girls captive for more than a decade.
  3. George Zimmerman
  4. Edward Snowden Traitor
  5. Biker Violence in New York
  6. Jodie Arias murders boyfriend
  7. Hanna Anderson Kidnapping
  8. Oscar Pistorius murders his girlfriend
  9. The death of Kendric Johnson
  10. The Washington Navy Yard Shootings

These were incidents here in the United States, committed by our next door neighbors and friends. I believe the reporter that made this report is in error as there are at least 11 in the top list.

11. Afluenza

Now these are only the cases that rated at the top of the list. There were far more cases that were just as severe if not more an offence to society but received less media attention than the preceding cases. Many of these cases severe abuse to children, human trafficking, and sever violence. Many are noted within this blog. The facts are, that America has reached an all time high of violence and crimes committed by our young have all been more severe then its predecessor as though trying to outdo the crime committed by the other guy.

It is almost as though there is no place safe from crime and violence in America anymore. What is even more alarming is the failure of our Government to adhere to the law themselves, violations of Constitutional and Civil Rights by Peace Officers, abuse by the Courts, and the hypocrisy of every political office nation-wide. I know I sound the “Doom-Sayer” with little belief that there will be improvement in the lives of Americans in the future, but from what I see on the street, out my window, my interactions with society, and what I see, read, and write relevant to the news, there is not much hope for us as a civilized nation.

There is little that can be changed unless enough people are concerned enough to bring about such change. And, the generation that sought most to change the world has grown and gone to rest leaving the hope of civilized society to today’s young  who have little concern for tomorrow, seeking only how to wreak destruction to earn their 15 minutes of fame today. But in a society where everyone lies to everyone else, where there is no honesty in Government, Business, or Education, and where the belief of living the “American Dream” is stolen from the people daily what is to be expected.

If I could make one suggestion for our future, it would be that all that read and follow my attempts to bring reason to our society make and adhere to an oath to cause no harm to another their goal in life. Because there are far too many out there that are causing harm to everyone and it seems to spread like wildfire.

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