Colorado issues first retail marijuana licenses –

Note this date! Marijuana Licensed for sale in America!

Colorado issues first retail marijuana licenses –

Colorado licenses retail sale of marijuana for recreational use. Prohibition is dead! And, get this . . . 70 million in tax revenue!

Now, I have been quite vocal on the legalization of drugs for a number of years. What Colorado has done is take a business away from criminal enterprise, and this is a good thing. Prohibition creates criminal enterprise, drug cartels, and non-taxable incomes. Think of the jobs created by this. I would think California would have been smart enough to do this, but I guess not.

6 thoughts on “Colorado issues first retail marijuana licenses –

  1. I heard a while ago that they made it legal there. How’s that going? 😀 Hopefully they won’t be doing that here cuz half of Britain will be high as kites, guaranteed, haha.
    And on your point about taking business away from certain not so above board people. I agree with the principle, however there are many things made ‘illigal’ at least some of which with very good reason. A lot of medical drugs are only legal if prescribed by a medical practitioner. A lot of the reason is because if they aren’t taken responsibly they cause great harm to individuals whom fail to take them responsibly or simply do not know the limit and potential effects of that medication/drug. I don’t mean to sound rude t anyone reading this but the cast majority of the human race is hardly know for common sense or responsibility.
    I don’t really agree with it morally speaking, though from a business perspective, it makes perfect sense, annnd, perhaps from a government perspective too. People that are high and happy won’t much care whut the government is doing and not only will they get the money from licenses but can you imagine the trade tax revenues they’ll be collecting? huuuuge so long as people are willing to pay more for the ‘legal’ stuff than they do for the black market stuff. lets face it, there’s going to be a gap in price on those too but who has the extra cash to do it? 😀


    • Hi C.T., and a very merry xmas to you and yours.

      My interest in Government legalization of drugs is simple. Prohibition creates numerous multi-billion dollar criminal empires. Why should such enterprise be allowed to be controlled by criminals. Legalize it, Retail it, and Tax it. It is ridiculous that this Country spends more on a failed war on drugs than it does than anything else except military funding and still criminal enterprise flourishes. The violence created by prohibition is ridiculous. The lives destroyed because our Government lies to it’s people and our politicians follow their own agenda is also ridiculous. And no damn drug dealer should live a better live than an honest citizen that works for a legal living. Take the criminal enterprise and violence out of drugs, legalize them.

      BTW, more people die per year due to prescribed drugs than use of illegal drugs. And, far more people die per day due to the criminal distribution of drugs than any other cause of death.


  2. Seriously? more die from prescribed drugs? lol, I wonder if the doctors are trying to shorten their patient list. Though a lot of those are probably suicides right? People who truly want to die find a way to do it.
    I think you’re right on the point of taking that business from criminals, they should NOT be allowed to live well considering the damage they cause people, however indirect of otherwise.
    Do you really think legalizing drugs like this is the answer though? Like i said in my other post, if criminals can find a way to get away with it before it was legal, how will it hurt them so greatly if they make it legal? Tax and licensing will raise the prices and the criminals will always be at an advantage beause they”ll be able to undercut in ways a legal shop owner could not.
    What about more serious drugs? Where do you draw the line? Whut about Heroin and Meth and other such dugs? Where does the line get drawn? Is it ok to legalise harmful drugs just to take a healthy chunk of it away from criminals? What actually changes apart from the tax revenue?


    • It is a common sense issue. People that want to do drugs regardless the choice of their poison, if adult, can make their own choice. I believe the statistics will remain about the same. Man likes a couple things more than drugs. And, most will choose not to become an addict. Those that become addicted presently are usually forced into the judicial system where were drugs legal they would be handled by the medical industry, thus those having issues would find help a lot easier to obtain. A person stupid enough to kill himself on drugs will do so legal or not.

      We are supposed to be living in a free society, but that is really not the case. Our Government presently tells us what, where, and what color. That is not freedom, at best it is socialist. And, there are those in our country that do not realize a law becomes a law when someone figures out how to make money from it.

      The biggest issue relevant to drugs is the violence. The violence stems from the development of a criminal empire that will no longer have control were drugs made legal. No better way to cut the violence than make it legal to walk into your local store and buy the dope of your choice. Why support the Cartels if you can support your own Country easier. Most Americans claim that they want lower prices on everything but spend money like they have it to spend anyway.

      Then add to the mix how our Government has lied to us, intentionally disregarded the voice of the people, and gone and done what they chose to do. Not what they were elected to do, but what they decided to do regardless of what the people say. People in this Country are so tired of the Government lies that the best idea is to vote everybody in office, out.

      I am an adult. I have served my Country, I have served my State, and I want my freedom to do what I please so long as it causes no harm to another. If I want to drink or do dope responsibly, ride a motorcycle without a helmet, or have sex with a prostitute why should my government prevent me from doing so? Our government chose prohibition enabling many many people to profit from our War On Drugs. Criminal empires flourished, government black ops found funding easily within the war on drugs budget. Our powerful and affluent built government services to the extent that close to a third of our population actually had government jobs (okay 25%). the whole time our government lied, mislead, or failed to act. Why should anyone of those elitist bastards have the right to impose anything upon any citizen in this Country.

      Okay enough of this rant for now. Hungry. Been working all day and need to feed my face. Hope I resolved some of your questions. If not, I hope I was at least entertaining. Believe me I have more to say . . . lol


      • That’s what I meant about the legally or not thing. IF people really want to do it then they will regardless of law. But think about this too. Not everyone is going to want to share their profit with the Government tax man. What I’m trying to say is, those criminal empires that are already there…. what is to stop them going further underground, and continuing the violence in a much more secretive way? Sort of like how they ask the question ‘Does a falling tree make a noise if no body hears it’. There will be plenty that take up those licenses, but how many more of those current criminals will simply go even further underground and continue their violence and evil out of sight and mind of all society? The violence won’t simply disappear it’ll simply be more obscured and out of sight. You said the government is controlling, and you’re right, it’s the same the world over my friend but nothing really changes in what they are doing with this. This way they can monitor who is taking what and when, and they can get paid for the privilege. It might help short term and make things seem better, but in years to come it’ll be visible again and by then no one will care becase they will be too content with the legal shmegal bullshit the government feeds them.
        It’s the same over here, except that our government clearly hasn’t a clue what it’s doing and we’d be better off run by a bunch of toddlers most of the time.Only way they’d pass a law here is if they’d make some money off of it, they don’t give two shits about what happens to the people of the country itself.


      • No government gives a damn about it’s people, took me 57 years to realize that. A law becomes a law when somebody finds a way to profit from it.

        People think laws like seatbelt and helmet laws were made for the protection of the people, bullshit, they figured out how to profit and then pushed it by lobbyist to the government.

        As for our original topic . . . Legalization of drugs will still have a minute criminal market, but so small it will be much less an issue. They will not be killing thousands of people along our borders and the Cartels that are now rich will have to start selling used cars to survive. And, although some people will partake of the products from criminals, most will prefer to go to the lawful stores regardless the costs than engage in the criminal games. At least that is what I believe.


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