Somebody Else’s Words . . .

This is true, I do all I can to avoid use of anybody else’s words. I do not make a habit of copyright violations. And, I tend to get permission prior to use of anyone else’s work. But, this just dropped in my lap while I witnessed family arguing with each other and it is so right on target. Anyway . . .

A gal by the name of Selma Ramos did a “like” on one of the stories here on my blog.  I actively look at my audience to check out their work when time permits, or their profile if applicable. Well, Selma didn’t have a blog I could follow but her profile said this:

“Patience with family is love.

Patience with others is respect.

Patience with self is confidence.

Patience with God is faith.”

It just seems so appropriate at this time. Selma I hope you do not mind my use of your words . . .

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