2013’s biggest, baddest blunder

I must agree . . . Zimmerman Vs. Florida  (Treyvon Martin)

2013’s biggest, baddest blunder


Our subject news story discusses the biggest baddest blunder for 2013 and they note the murder of Treyvon Martin by George Zimmerman, and I agree 100%.


The first blunder was on the Prosecution. The “Stand Your Ground Law” was Treyvon Martin’s defense. The SYG law is what made it legal for Treyvon Martin to turn and confront George Zimmerman. That is what the law was intended for. The Judge, the Attorneys, and everyone that failed to see that it was that simple, blew the case against George Zimmerman. Plain and simple Zimmerman had been observed by Martin giving Martin reason for concern for his safety. Under the SYG law, Martin did not have to retreat but was justified in turning to confront Zimmerman. It matters not that Martin lost the fight, Martin still had the right under the SYG law to confront Zimmerman.

The fact that no Judge reviewed the case as Martin was the party protected by the SYG law, bespeaks of negligence of the Court. Believe me, there is no fairness, integrity, or honesty in our Courts. These people knew that had they used Martin’s applicability of the SYG law, Zimmerman would have received the death penalty.

The second big blunder in this case was the racist American people. So many people tried bringing race into the case. This case was never about racism, not even for a second. This case was about a wannabe-cop that is too stupid to be a real cop. Zimmerman should have never had a concealed weapons permit. And, he most certainly did not belong out on the public streets playing super cop in plain clothes. But, the racists in our society crawled out of the woodwork to cast a blanket of racism upon the case. White people that had no idea what happened started sending Zimmerman money for his legal defense just because Zimmerman was believed to be white. If it would have been me instead of Zimmerman, I would be on “Death Row” today. If it had of been Martin that won the fight and Zimmerman killed, Martin would be on “Death Row” today.

There is no way the Prosecution did their job in this case, absolutely no way. The charges against Zimmerman were not applicable to the act, and almost impossible to prove. There was no racism, no premeditation, no other intent for Zimmerman to kill Martin. Zimmerman wanted to catch a “bad guy” only. He was playing Cop. He wanted to arrest him a criminal. He did not want to fight, shoot, or kill anybody. He wanted the real cops to come and discover Martin was a criminal so he would have the glory of being super-cop of the neighborhood. So, trying Zimmerman for “murder” was ridiculous. And, the Prosecution knew it. So did the Defense. So did the Attorney General’s Office. Zimmerman’s negligence was responsible for the death of Treyvon Martin. And, Zimmerman should have been charged under the applicable statute for such negligence. Believe it or not. there are laws that make it illegal to cause another persons death due to your own negligence, even in Florida.

The Zimmerman Vs. Florida case was not only the biggest blunder of 2013, it was also the biggest farce of all time . . .

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