FBI agent quotes Texas man bragging about ‘Knockout, baby!’ – CNN.com

A 27 year old white man attacks a 79 year old black man for the knockout game . . .

FBI agent quotes Texas man bragging about ‘Knockout, baby!’ – CNN.com


Our subject story tells us of a full grown adult male that decides to play the knockout game. But here’s a little twist. The Player is not only not a youngster, but he is also white. His victim is 79 years old, and is black. Of all the punk shit things to do, a 27 year old man messing up a 79 year old man for no damn reason at all. The story goes on to say the Player on medication suffering from being bi-polar.

Tell you what . . . All you punks that want to play the “knockout game” what do you say to a little modification to the game? Let’s change the rules to the following:

  1. Your victim must be within a year or two of your age.
  2. The victim must be bigger than you.
  3. The victim can not be mentally or physically disabled.
  4. And, you have to announce your intentions prior to attacking your victim.

Let’s see if you are man enough to play the game as a man instead of as a punk bitch. Face it, it doesn’t take courage, skill, or heart to sucker punch the elderly, women, and the weak from behind. There is no honor in attacking a man like a bitch. You want to crow about how brave and strong you are, then do it like a man. Do it against someone that might have a chance of whipping your “little boy” ass.

This white boy in Texas . . . You are an embarrassment to your friends, family, and anyone else that knows your name. I do not care if you are suffering with bi-polar disorder or rectal cranial inversion, you are a ignorant punk with the guts of a little girl. I suspect the reason why you picked on a 79 year old man is because there wasn’t an 82 year old man in a wheelchair available to pick on. Even if you do not disgust the rest of the civilized world, you disgust me.

To my readers, I apologize for this rant. It seriously demonstrates a person as being a coward to play the knockout game they way it is being played and it just offends the hell out of me that those playing the game are crowing as though they are the “cock of the walk” when they attack an unsuspecting unprepared weaker person than themselves. This brings being a “bully” to an all different level. Anybody that thinks they are “cool” by attacking and injuring someone that cannot defend themselves needs to get a clue. There is absolutely nothing cool about it. If you want to crow about doing something, do something like square off with somebody at your local boxing gym. See if you are really tough instead of showing the world how weak you are by playing this game.  

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