Opinion: Sex workers are victims – CNN.com

As long as the sex industry (prostitution) is under the control of criminals, everyone is a victim . . .

Opinion: Sex workers are victims – CNN.com


Our subject story discusses the legalization of prostitution, but I do not believe it gives the topic a fair evaluation. Prostitution is a victimization of both the person prostituted and the buyer of the prostitutes services as it stands today. Why? Because prostitution is controlled by criminals. Prostitution has violence, other crimes such as rape, robbery, and murder as secondary events, numerous health concerns, a lot of slavery and human trafficking, and numerous violations of whatever codes are applicable to employees and payment for their labors. But prostitution also has a portion of people that like working in the sex trades.

Face it, some folks like selling their body for the use and entertainment of others. Years ago, Porn Stars were nothing but scum and whores. Okay some people still have that opinion, but many see the porn industry as a professional career choice that can be very interesting as well as financially beneficial. Granted, most of you would never take a porn star home to Mother, but if you did not know the person a porn star you more than likely would engage in a relationship with them, either as a friend or other relationship. Porn and Sex Industry workers for the most part are just like you and me, just ordinary people.

Then there is the dirty side to porn. The abusive, violent, and poorly or not paid at all portion of the industry. People enslaved by criminal empire to work as prostitutes, forced to allow the use of their bodies and beaten or worse if they refuse. These people are victims of numerous crimes. They usually have to turn over any income from their services to a pimp or similar person and receive little or no pay for their labors. It is common for women and children to be kidnapped and forced to work in this part of prostitution.

So how would we go about cleaning up the business of prostitution in America? First figure  out a way to regulate it so that only those that wanted to work in the trade, worked in the trade. That would mean licensing of persons that wanted to perform prostitution. If licensed, you would have to demonstrate earnings, payroll, taxes, health certifications, and that you were of legal age to provide such services, wouldn’t you? It might take a while, but wouldn’t those requirements alone force the pimps to either close up shop, or run a legal shop? Prostitutes could be required to work out of designated facilities with security and health workers  available, or some arrangements for such provisions.

The problem we have to face world-wide is abuse of the young. If ever a man says he doesn’t see an 18 year old girl as a piece of meat to a hungry wolf, he is gay or lying. But, there are those that see little boys and girls from infancy to their early teen years as sexual targets. We used to believe that these people  were few and far between, but that is not the case. Politicians, Law Enforcement, Teachers, the Church, and even Family target these children who later often end up on the streets involved in prostitution. This is not a voluntary career choice. This is not the dreams these children had before they were abused. This for them is continued abuse and the need for survival.

So, how do you allow some prostitution to exist while a majority of prostitution is unacceptable in a civilized society? Actually, we have been doing so for years. Prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada. Women have made the choice to allow the use of their body for money there for years. They get paid well. They have security. They are constantly attended and tested by medical services. They have made a voluntary choice to work as a prostitute. Why can’t the same type of services be offered by prostitutes in every State in the US.?

This would not lessen the severity of sexual slavery, human trafficking, or child abuse. This would however, provide a safe and sane environment for men and women that choose to participate in the sex industry for money.

I guess I really have not thought this all the way through. In my mind I see taking the industry away from the criminal as the way to stop the problems, the violence, and the abuse of prostitution. While this idea would work well for drugs, it may not resolve prostitution except to a small degree. But, the topic makes for interesting conversation for those of us still hopeful of saving us from ourselves. I was watching one of those cop shows a few days ago in which a 70 year old man got caught in a “john” sting where a policewoman was walking the streets playing hooker to catch the johns. I am of the opinion that at 70 years old, where is this guy going to get the sexual attention he desires? I mean, unless he is rich his choices are old ladies, or pay for it. Not much of a choice when getting old is a fact of life. What a drag . . .

3 thoughts on “Opinion: Sex workers are victims – CNN.com

  1. Personally I think it’s a pretty hard issue to solve. There are so many layers as you’ve just pointed out.
    I’m not sure how it worked in Nevada but I seriously doubt it would make that big a dent in the illegal trades of prostitution. Porn as far as I’m concerned IS legalised prostitution, (no that’s not a slight, it’s just how it is), pornstars and such choose to sell their bodies for both sex, pleasure and the entertainment of others, most seem to enjoy it as far as I’ve seen. I don’t really see the point in changing it further. Human traffickers have been doing what they do for hundreds if not thousands of years. ILLEGALLY already, even if legalization is brought in, what is going to stop them from continuing to break the law? I mean if they haven’t been caught already then making another law by itself isn’t going to get them caught. All it will do is drive them further underground and they’d have the perfect cover since nobody will focus on the illegal side so much once it is legallizesed. If that makes sense.
    Sounds kinda like a dumb plan thought up by an equally dumb politician to me.


    • Now you have done it! Do you realize how difficult it is trying to make sense of the stupidity in the world? And, you give me more to think about. Sheeesh!

      Just playing C.T., but you have added some valid perspective. Happy New Year!


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