Arizona mother admits killing daughter, poisoning other kids, cops say –

Isn’t  Christmas supposed to be fun for little boys and girls?

Arizona mother admits killing daughter, poisoning other kids, cops say –

Our subject story tells us of a lady that wanted to prevent her ex-husband from getting custody of her children. So, she tried to kill them all. She tried to kill them all on Christmas day. She was successful in killing one of the kids but the others survived. She also stabbed one of her ex’s who escaped and called police. This in itself is a tragedy. But, think about the future . . .


Can you  imagine being a child that a parent tried to kill on Christmas day? I mean, while all the other kids are celebrating Christmas . . . What a drag.


Okay, everyone that has given thought to killing their children at least once, raise your hand. Okay, now those that have given such killing serious thought, raise your hand. Damn! I didn’t think it was a national epidemic. I guess maybe this topic requires additional research. Regardless, how many have considered such killing on Christmas? That’s better. You see lady! Killing children on Christmas is not a very considerate idea.

Anybody that has ever been in love has considered killing the one they love, at least once. Some of us have such thoughts on a regular basis. Me about once per day, for every woman that I have ever loved. You would figure as old as I am, I would have a better understanding of women. Why the heck don’t woman come with a “maintenance” and “instruction” manual? I thought I found a set of instructions on a gal one time, discovered it was a “tramp stamp.”

I have read all sorts of material relevant to women. Magazines like “Cosmo” and “Hoe’s Almanac” did nothing but teach me which part of the female body to kiss for which desired result. As a man, there is no limit on how much ass you are expected to kiss. The one thing I learned true of all women and sex, men do not make love with their penis. Men make love with their tongues, use of the penis is just sex.

Anyway, back to our topic. (Sorry, about getting side-tracked, my mind was lost on a lost love instead of here where it is supposed to be.) Killing your children on major holidays is never a good idea.  Doing so kind of ruins the holiday for others involved. Not that any day is a good day to kill someone, although I have heard many men say, “Today is a good day to die.” Do not go getting any ideas. Just because they say it is a good day to die, does not mean you  should kill them. No matter what, killing yourself, your spouse, or your children as a means of circumventing child custody is simply stupid. I have not seen my now adult daughter once in the past 20 years. And, killing her or her mother would not have made a damn bit of difference. And, each and every day, at least multiple times per day, I think of her.

Yesterday, I worked in Albany, California which is right next door to El Cerrito, California. I had to go through El Cerrito on my way to Albany. I met my daughters mother in El Cerrito, at the El Cerrito Plaza where she was working in the Men’s Department of Capwells. I walked by her and turned to my partner, “I am going to marry that girl.” And, I did. We had a beautiful little red haired girl. My heart has been broken for more than 20 years and it will never be fixed. It will never feel the love lost when they left. Worse than that, she will never know how much I love her and how that love would feel.

Yep, killing your children and/or your ex is never a good idea when it comes to child custody or any other situation. If your life has become less than desirable and they want to move on, show them you love them and let them do so, no matter how much and how long it hurts. Happy New Year everybody!

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