Does Size Really Matter? |

If you ever ask this question, read this!

Does Size Really Matter? |

Our subject story discusses the size of a man’s penis in relation to sexual satisfaction. And, I have discovered that I am “Superman” in the bedroom. Okay, so maybe not Superman but at least a close runner up.

If I have learned one thing in life . . . It is not the size of a man’s penis that best satisfies a woman in the bedroom, but the use of the man’s tongue. From the words you say, to the way you kiss, and to the places you use your tongue, all work together to satisfy a woman. Look at how many ugly men have a “babe” on their arm. It is either his wallet or his tongue. (Often his wallet)

Okay read the subject story for additional details. If I continue the path I am following we will have to add a XXX rating to my blog. The subject story is about nine pages long. Use the numerical index at the bottom of each page to continue reading.

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