Backing Edward Snowden

Why would you back a traitor . . .

Backing Edward Snowden


In our subject video discussion is made in effort to attain clemency for Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle blower turned traitor to the United States. Both the New York Times and The Guardian  have written articles in support of Snowden.

I have a real problem with any kind of support for a couple of simple reasons:

  1. Snowden not only stole and disclosed information about the illegal activities of the NSA in respect to US citizens. He also stole and disclosed information about NSA activities in respect to foreign governments. Snowden took the information about the foreign activity for malicious use against the US Government. There is no other reason for his taking such information. The second Snowden stole information about anything other than the activities here in the US against the people of the United States, he became a traitor to the United States. And, Snowden collected and stole this information over a period of time demonstrating intent of ill will towards the US. long before he became a whistle blower.
  2. Snowden has intentionally used this stolen information with intent to cause harm to the United States without concern for the possible dangers to the citizens of the US. created by his actions. Who knows how long it will be before he releases information that could lead to adverse actions towards the US. by a foreign country? DO you really support Snowden telling foreign governments all the secrets we know about them? I do not.
  3. And, this is the big one . . . Snowden by his own admission said he intentionally infiltrated the NSA to obtain information relative to NSA activities. He did not get hired by the NSA and as a matter of his employment stumble upon violations committed by the NSA. He went in there with premeditation to find information to cause harm to the US Government. His intent was not to discover the information disclosed about NSA Vs. US citizens. His intent was to find information that could cause harm and embarrassment to the US regardless the impact to the people of the US.

Now, I agree the NSA was doing things not legal and their activity needs to be curbed immediately. Had Snowden of stopped his disclosure of information at just the US information, I would celebrate the man a National Hero. But, he did not stop right at that point. He has and continues to disclose information to foreign governments that could lead to severe threats towards the US and her people. Snowden chose this path. He could have easily of stayed a hero, just by shutting his mouth. He chose to steal and disclose information about foreign soil, from foreign soil after making an oath to keep that information “secret” and has no right to pose a threat to my family and friends or your family and friends. Support him if you will. But the day this country gets attacked due to an act by Edward Snowden, I will support the  President sending the CIA to dispatch Snowden promptly.

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