New York man charged with hate crimes for seven ‘knockout’ assaults –

Now here is a real man . . .

New York man charged with hate crimes for seven ‘knockout’ assaults –


Recently a Texas man was charged with a hate crime in relation to the “knockout” game.  He was white and his victim I believe a 72 year old black man. Our subject story this time tells us about another man being charged with hate crimes in relation to the game.  I am unsure if the “hate crimes” is because of race or sex, or both as the player in this case attacked women.

What amazes me about the players in this game, is how big a pussy you would have to be to play the game. I mean look at this case. This man only attacks women, most elderly, and from behind. How is this recognized as something “cool” to anyone? What claim to fame is earned by beating up little old lady’s from behind? Oh! It earns you the title of “PUSSY,” not that you got some, but you is one! I wonder, has anyone created an award for this game?

How about a trophy that says “I AM A PUSSY” the Knockout Game? Would you place that upon your mantle for all to see? Or a T-shirt? “PUSSY” and underneath, “The Knockout Game”? Seriously folks, what value is the knockout game? I see no honor, no skill, nor any bravery in playing the game. And even if the media has sensationalized the game, what kind of pussy would play it? Even as a Hate Crime, what are you going to tell the men walking the  yard at your local prison? “I am in prison because I knocked out the weak and elderly from behind.” Yep, you will last long on the yard with those credentials. Wait, maybe you will last long in prison. Prisoners are always looking for a “bitch” to entertain their needs and wants. A knockout game Pussy, may have found his calling?

Parents, with less than intelligent or racist children need to share this article with those children. Explain to them what their claim to fame will be when caught for committing these senseless acts of violence. If they win the ultimate prize for playing this game, they ultimately win an anus the size of uncut bologna and do not get to choose who gives it to them. Just tell them to pick an effeminate name similar to their known name before they get to prison, it sounds better than being called “bitch” by everyone.

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