20 Things Men Want Women To Do In Their Relationships – Rant Lifestyle

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20 Things Men Want Women To Do In Their Relationships – Rant Lifestyle


Our subject storey/slideshow discusses 20 things men want of women in their relationships, and some of the stuff is spot on at least for myself. However, I feel it only fair to point out that in my relationship I do laundry, dishes, cooking, and use my tongue at least as much as she does. And, I go to work while she doesn’t. By this story’s standards, I am “whipped” which is incorrect. I am not whipped. I am just tired of waiting for the lazy bitch to do something for me. ( Did I say that? ) ( Damn ) ( Oh well, couch time again )

Seriously folks, some of this stuff is really what we men would like in a relationship. But even more than that, we would like some of this to continue past the beginning of the relationship. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for dinner until you are angry and go out to eat alone. Or, falling asleep before she comes to bed because she has not done anything all day except play video games and has to play catch up before she comes to bed.

The thing most men want whether they realize it or not ( and not included in the subject story ) is for the woman to retain her independence and be our “girlfriend” even after the relationship progresses well beyond that point. It sucks having a wife when you need a girlfriend . . . 

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