Okay Folks, I Need Money . . .

Morning Everybody!

Hey listen . . . I am tired of being broke. And with our economy and job offerings like they are presently, I doubt there will be any serious opportunities for financial improvement in my immediate future. As I am already part of the elderly class, there is little time to retrain myself into a higher paying job.

So. if I could just get everybody to send me money:

  • I could just sit here and write to my blog all day.
  • I might learn what it feels like not to live paycheck to paycheck.
  • And, maybe I could afford to pay the DMV, PG&E, EBMUD, Comcast, Garbage, MetroPCS, Rent, the I.R.S. and get Insurance at the same time.

So just reach into you pocket and send me money. Send your checks to Rich Brunelle 1552 167th Ave #B San Leandro, CA 94578.

What do you mean it doesn’t work like that? Every day I see stories on the Internet about people being given thousands of dollars for menial things like a display of honesty that should be commonplace in today’s society. I do those things on a daily basis. You just do not hear about me because most the people I do good things for do not even usually say thank you for anything they receive. Most look at me as though I am weird for doing anything helpful. I mean like try to help a little old lady with her grocery, she starts screaming “help, help, help.” Hell, even try to open a door for someone now a day and they look at you as though you might be trying to attack them.

I am actually a bit of a “Boy Scout” often trying to assist those in need. Often I help others when unable to carry my own load. It is hard to just walk by a situation where help is needed for me. Some people do not hesitate to turn their heads the other way and keep on moving. Me, I am the dumbass that sets down my own load to help someone carry theirs, only to return to mine stolen and the person I helped does not even say Thanks.

Nah, you all don’t need to send me your hard earned money. It would be nice, but then I would have to get all emotional trying to thank everyone. I would probably cry and little old men should not cry. Especially me, I am an ugly crier. Besides, for every dollar I get there is someone just waiting to  take it from me. At least in my current financial state I do not have to worry about “identity theft” people working me. If they tried they would have to improve my credit rating  to buy a coke from a soda machine.

Oh well, sounded like a good idea when I thought about it. But now, . . . I guess I’ll take my broke old slow ass out to the DMV, see if I can get my ride registered before I get a ticket that I cannot pay any way.

Hey, you all have a great day. If your day starts taking a “downhill” slide, just think of me. My day has to suck at least as much as yours, I ju


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